Three Reasons Why Lil’ Wayne’s The Dedication 4 May Not Be The Best Idea

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    Three Reasons Why Lil' Wayne's <em>The Dedication 4</em> May Not Be The Best Idea
    Can names of Lil' Wayne's releases get anymore repetitive? Weezy who's known for his <em>The Carter</em> albums, is also known for his <em>Dedication</em> mixtapes. And just when we thought three was a reasonable number to wrap up the successful series, Young Mullah's head honcho announced an upcoming mixtape hosted by DJ Drama called (wait for it...) <em>Dedication 4</em>.<br /><br />Seriously? Another <em>Dedication</em> mixtape? Number four has already presented itself as a shaky choice in Lil' Wayne's catalog. (Remember <em>The Carter IV</em>?) Plus, death comes in threes, and Weezy already killed three previous <em>Dedication</em> mixtapes. So with that said, we sincerely hope he reconsiders the title, after reading <em>XXL</em>'s three reasons. —<em>Cam Dooley</em> (<a href="">@TribeCalledCam</a>)
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    <em>Tha Carter IV</em> Just Wasn't Good
    After the success of Wayne’s <em>Tha Carter III</em> fans expected <em>Tha Carter IV</em> to be amazing. Granted the album sold 964,000 albums in its first week, it just wasn’t lyrically there after Wayne’s prison hiatus. If Wayne knew better, he’d use what he learned from <em>Tha Carter’s</em> and drop the fourth album to bring us all new material.
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    Everyone Knows Classics Come in Trilogies
    It’s a well-known fact that most classics come in a trio: consider Jay-Z’s <em>The Blueprint</em> albums and even the Star Wars trilogies (from the '70s and the early aughts). They were just hot from the get go. Wayne, who’s pretty observant, should probably take it from greats like Hov and George Lucas, and keep his tapes to a minimum. <em>May the force be with you...</em>
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    The Number Four Is Just Bad Luck All The Way Around
    In Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese cultures, four is a homonym with death, so people try to avoid it at all costs. Wayne should perhaps pick up on this hint and nix the idea before the bad luck curse spreads to him. With the entire YMCMB on his back, Wayne can’t afford any misfortune this time around.

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