The A$AP Mob are being sued for their involvement at last year’s Fader Fort Music Fest party in New York City.

According to Courthouse News, stage manager Anthony Montalbano claims that the Harlem crew “shouted obscenities indicating their dissatisfaction with the microphones and damaged musical instruments and equipment that was on stage” and proceeded to “beat the hell out of him on stage” at last October’s event. Having said all that, Montalbano is suing the entire A$AP Mob, Sony Music Entertainment and the Fader Media Network, the latter which he claims ordered him to go on the stage to save the sound equipment with no security present.

Montalbano adds that “no security personnel were present in or around the stage.”

The complaint also goes on to add that:

“Plaintiff [Montalbano] was then grabbed by the defendants and continuously punched in the face and head for several minutes and said defendants hit plaintiff in the head with a microphone. Plaintiff was covered in blood and sustained serious and lasting injuries, including but not limited to an open scalp wound, concussion, abrasions, lacerations and pain in his head, neck, back, knees and ribs.”

Montalbano claims that he needed 10 stitches in his scalp and that three A$AP members were charged with assault.

Courthouse says that he’s seeking compensatory and punitive damages for negligent hiring by Fader, emotional distress, assault and battery and negligence.'s request for a statement from the A$AP Mob wasn't returned.—Jakinder Singh