It’s a known fact that Soulja Boy and 50 Cent are good friends. Well, the pair might be taking their friendship into the studio soon by way of a full album together.

Soulja Boy hinted at the possible collaborative project in a recent tweet.

“Father Son album coming,” Soulja tweeted.

Such a joint album wouldn’t mark the only collaboration the two have going on.

Just last week, Soulja Boy told XXL about 50 helping him remake the 1992 cult-classic film, Juice, which starred Tupac Shakur as the twisted, gun-happy character Bishop.

“With the ‘Juice’ movie… 50 Cent, that’s my big bro,” Soulja said. “He got a movie deal that gave him millions to come up with content. Me and him are going over the Juice movie now. That’s still coming.”

Fifty’s deal that Soulja Boy is referring to stems from 2010, when the G-Unit general’s Cheetah Vision film company landed $200 million in funding, although Soulja didn’t delve into ’Fif’s exact involvement with remaking Juice.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy will be making his acting debut in Officer Down, a film which includes notable actors such as James Wood, David Boreanaz and Stephen Dorff and is scheduled for release later this year.

“It is a $40 million movie,” Soulja told XXL on the phone from Tinsletown. “It stars actors from movies such as BladeBrooklyn’s Finest, they’re in the movie. I’m playing this character named ‘Rudy.’ It’s crazy. When I was in the movie, I was [playing] a multi-millionaire drug runner [that] had $20 and $30 million at the time. It was emotion in the movie. Once it comes out and people see me acting on the big screen, they’ll get to see a whole other side of Soulja Boy.” Tell em!—Jakinder Singh