Pusha T has been gaining recognition for his work with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music, but the Virginia native is still prepping his own solo album, and recently gave MTV News some details.

"Unlike most artists, I'm a morning person when it comes to recording," Pusha revealed. "My recording day can start as early as 9 a.m., and I'll write what needs to be put down, and hopefully I'm leaving by 1 p.m. I'm not a studio junkie at all. I actually don't like the studio because it sort of ruins my vibe. To me, it's just [a place] to lay down vocals and get out of there. For whatever reason, I'm most creative and write best in the shower, and also when I'm driving. Even if I don't have a starting point, it usually comes with the constant flow of water or the monotony of driving."

The Clipse member also revealed details about one of the songs on the project, called "40 Acres," which he called a "thoughtful" record. "It's produced by The-Dream and Rico Beats," he continued. "It really harps on things that have happened in my life in regards to family—my brother being my partner, my parents not being together—speaking on how those things altered my views on relationships and so on."

The braided rhymer said that he's taken some of the inspiration for the album from a late 1990s film. "This album was based off the movie [The] Devil's Advocate," he disclosed, referencing the 1997 flick which starred Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Charlize Theron. "Not theme-wise at all, but just in the feel of the album. Devil's Advocate is a very dark movie, but at the same time, visually, it's beautiful. The album is based off of that because I speak about the harsh realities of street life but there's a lot of glitz and glamour that comes along with that. If you just look at it at face value, you might think, 'It sounds a bit like he's glorifying [street life],' but when you get tuned into the record, you realize that you get both sides of it."

Currently, Pusha's solo effort has no release date, but G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer, on which he will be heavily featured, is slated to drop September 4.—Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)