Five Reasons Why Rappers Shouldn’t Claim Their Albums as Classics

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  • Ones Who Said it Didn't Deliver
  • Legends Don't Say It
    Legends Don't Say It
    Even until this day, neither Nas nor Jay-Z, two of the few remaining rap legends from the '90s, claim their upcoming projects will be classics during their promo runs. And they both have several fan-approved classics under their belts. So if they don't say it, are rappers with half their caliber or talent in the position to put "classic" next to their projects?
  • It Should Be Determined by Fans
    It Should Be Determined by the Fans
    The critics can rave about it, the artists can push it, but at the end of the day, the fans are the real judges when it comes to crowning a project a classic or not. Hey, they feed the artists and the critics, right?
  • Come On Son
    When The Artists Say It, The Public Knows
    By now, the public has been disappointed too many times. We don't believe you, you need more people!
  • Best So Far
    It's Always Okay to Say, "This is My Best Album To Date"
    It only makes sense! The more time you spend time in the studio, in the music industry, rocking shows, you'll have a better grasp of what kind of music you want to put out. (Not always, but ideally.) The fans aren't too fond of hearing, "This is my best album so far," but the disappointment factor at least isn't as high as expecting an album to be a classic. What's worse? Spending money on an album thinking it's a classic, and feel utterly betrayed, or purchasing an album knowing it's going to be a solid project? Do the math.
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