Kanye Doesn't Tolerate Regular Cable, Only HBO


Let's trace back Yeezy's artistic outputs. He's had classic albums. He's had over-the-top, art-house films. He's had extravagant fashion shows. He dresses himself in the finest linen. He boasts about taking everything to the next level every year or so. Regular cable? That's for common folks. Only thing that's common about Yeezy is his friend Rasheed. Unless it's HBO, or every episode gets a season-finale-style trailer before airing, Yeezy wouldn't green light a regular cable TV-based reality show. Never that.

Reality TV Shows Don't Have Special Effects


"I don't want to see any movie that doesn't have mind blowing special effects..." were words tweeted by Mr. West on December 28, 2011. Yes, reality TV shows aren't movies, but this is Kanye we're talking about. He takes everything to the next level. If Selita Ebanks had to wear a bird outfit, and go through crazy light shows, don't expect Kim to just look pretty.

Jay-Z Wouldn't Do It

Jay Wouldn't Do It

Who does Kanye West look up to the most? His "Big Brother" Jay-Z. And what does a hustler-turned-rapper-turned-mogul been up to lately? Pleasing mainstream America with class, sophisticated business ventures, and sharing covers with Warren Buffett. Jay keeps everything politics as usual. And he'll continue to stay away from any bumps that'll tarnish his image. With how much 'Ye looks up to Jay, it'd probably best for the other half of the Throne to stay quiet. At least, not on a reality TV show.

Kris Humphries Set the Bar Too High

Kris_Bar_Too High

Kim Kardashian's ex-husband, and star of the (now) Brooklyn Nets, has been a regular on the show throughout last season. And his presence (literally 'cause of his height) has been more dominant than both Adrienne Bailon and Reggie Bush combined. Sad to say, not in a good way. Even then, Kanye West doesn't tolerate number two spot for an answer. He wouldn't want Kris Humphries to outshine him—even if that's in the realm of reality TV.

Kanye Wouldn't Want to Share Executive Producer Credit with Ryan Seacrest


The TV show host/producer of multiple reality TV shows have been caking off Keeping Up with the Kardashians for some years now. If a spinoff does happen, Mr. Seacrest's involvement is definite, and 'Ye, who remains the executive producer of anything that involves his creativity, would not let that sly. 'Ye stays on top of his shit. Always.