Doing What? Allegedly having an affair with the wife of a British billionaire.
What did he gain? A rep of knocking'em girls down like dominoes.
Building towards album release? No. This helped build towards some kind of climax, but it's not Jay Elec's debut.

Mind of a Pharaoh

jay electronica pyramid

Doing What? Taking pictures by the pyramids in Egypt.
What did he gain? A deeper understanding of the impressive architectural skills needed to create such magnificent structures.
Building towards album release? No. It's more likely that he was building more pyramids than building towards his album.

Making Ad Dollars

jay electronica mountain dew

Doing What? Appearing in a Mountain Dew commercial.
What did he gain? A bag of money and the trust of his boss, Jay-Z, that he could become a commercially viable artist, in both a literal and musical sense.
Building towards album release? No. He re-did his song "The Announcement" for the commercial. That's kind of like putting out new music, right?

Getting New Sneakers


Doing What? Being profiled for the short New Balance Excellent Makers video.
What did he gain? The opportunity to deliver quotes like, "Every process is a process that takes place in the process of life."
Building towards album release? No. Just, no.



Doing What? Tweeting.
What did he gain? Followers. On Twitter. Not of his music.
Building towards album release? Well, maybe this is his way of working on his writing skills?...No.