Rick Ross Covers XXL’s July/August 2012 Issue

Rick Ross, the man with the golden touch is featured on the July/August 2012 issue of XXL magazine with a revealing interview by XXL Executive Editor Jayson Rodriguez.

In the story, Rozay speaks about his new album God Forgives, I Don’t (in stores July 31), his health scares, being a label head and a solo artist while managing relationships with Def Jam and Warner Bros. Records, and cementing his status as rap super star.

Also in this month’s issue 2 Chainz writes his own story and XXL catches up with a new rap collective gaining heat, Los Angeles’ Black Hippy, which includes members Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.

The mag also offers a dope story on underground stalwart Jean Grae, and celebrates several anniversaries with special tribute pieces. Eric B. & Rakim’s Paid In Full turns 25, Wu-Tang Forever is 15 and Scarface enjoys a five, 10 and 15-year anniversary of some of his most seminal solo album work.

The July/August issue of XXL is loaded with great stories and much more. Get a copy when it hits stands nationwide on July 14.—XXL Staff (@XXL)

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  • Ted Flynt

    Hope it’s a good issue, XXL. I havent bought an issue for 6 months. XXL just went down hill. Wayne, 50 and Jay-z and their associates on every issue.


      This is actually cool, XXL game me some toilet paper this month to use when Im takin a shit and reading.

    • CaponeMOB

      why Rick Ross has so many dick riders,and PPL that would go outta they way to defend him is BEYOND me at this point. not only cuz he’s MC gusto CB4 in the flesh and hes the REAL BOSS from prison as a C.O. but his music Honestly is GARBAGE, cue up the Lex Luger beat,come up with fake cocaine fairy tales,throw a couple of uugh’s in there, and BOOM! like MAGIC PPL would stick up for this fat fraud. amazing what a Lex Luger beat with untalented rhymes could do for somebody’s image. and what you Rick Ross dick riders dont realize,is not that he was a C.O. and was makin inmates spread their butt cheeks. its just that he BLATANTLY fuckin lies
      he completley denied his pass as a C.O.,but admitted to being a fuckin Drug Lord, a real Drug Lord would have admitted having a Legit job even as a C.O.and denied being a drug lord,and then he was calling trick daddy a BITCH and was saying that trick daddy comes from a family of snitches and that trick daddy was spreading those C.O. rumors cuz trick daddy dint like the shine Ross was getting, do you ALL SEE now the fuckin blatant lies this fat pig was saying? trick daddy said he was a C.O. back in 2006,yall could check those old videos on you tube were Ross is just lying and disrespecting a true OG trick daddy and his whole family. and then XXL makes this fat fuck look like some type of Legendary entertainer in a dope black & gold cover? WOW i never seen a pac,biggie,NAS, cover look like this one. and then “Ross Rules the game” nah XXLMAG this fat pig Rules wing stop. and Fuck all you future dick riders there going to try to defend Ross,cuz just by yall merely trying to defend this fraud shows how Lame naive you bitches are to the game.

  • fuckyall

    yea iam cop that . a pice on jean grea .and looking back on wu scar and ra albums hell yea but fuck that fat fuck on the cover lol

    • satanforbidsiwont

      of course ur gonna cop a cop issue

  • Godfrey Ntuli

    One word: Dope.

    • K,Real

      Rozay makes dope music and of course he’s on top ,so that makes you a target , so just because he worked as a C.O. and became a rapper and the dude is a successful one at that ! we forget its just Entertainment , Look at the game now for what it is ENTERTAINMET ! GET MONEY AND STFU !

  • DJ Slow

    Do the kids really think William is cool

    I am 25 and think his terrible and corny

  • alderman j

    anybody think its strange this nigga been having all kinds of strokes and shit since he announced the name of his album”god forgives i dont” nigga betta quit playin with GOD, AND THATS REALER THAN THE REAL RICK ROSS!!!!

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  • soulja slim

    la police a la cote dans le rap us

  • mistahdub

    man i really hate how he is everywhere right now no talent fat as shit no rhyme skills except for only a few times he was featured but everything that comes out of his mouth is a goddamn lie Real life MC Gusto its a shame no one else is going to put him in his place like 50 did this guy is wack and wale and meek deserve better but those anniversaries are enough to make everyone overlook his morbidly obese disgusting pig cop ass

  • http://www.sksj.com Facemob

    This nigga is a bum. How this fraudulent nigga gets so much shine is a sign of the time. The error of soft ass niggas who can give a shit about authenticity.

  • B-Minus

    Fuck you XXL Pick somebody different

  • francis nasim

    so gangsta! and remember gunplay.. respect moohlah she like a lot-pelicula-bong bong bong-da bell go rung rung rung!!!ha hawest coast niiiah–

  • Ziii

    if u gona Cover that fat C.O u need 4x XXL hahaha i hate fake ppl

  • francis nasim

    NASTY!get it my ninja we aint hatin out here on the west coast cuz.whateva color ya wear suge 2 like a muh!

  • Lamine

    OK !!!!

  • Cavz100

    Just watch out for the hate on this post by erebody.all because of what?its Ross right?hahahaha.u ppl are pathetic and seriously have nothing to do.he gets bigger with each year,in weight,fame and money.MMG

  • Just Me

    Rick Ross was a cop back in his day, maybe he lies about his persona maybe he doesn’t but he makes some good music. From his street bangers to his deep thoughts I like his music.

    • Briggz

      I GO BY Briggz. I been getting some good feedback on the music on my youtube channel. Underground is where the good music resides. if you got 4 minutes to listen go to: YOUTUBE COM/IMBRIGGZ and join me on TWITTER COM/BRIGGZNATION


    I dont know whats worse the fraud himself or the fans who know he is a fraud and are stupid enough to still support him and the garbage he makes.

  • Marco

    Reallly excited to read what they have to say about Black Hippy!

  • Briggz

    My name is Briggz. I been getting some good feedback on the music on my youtube channel. Underground is where the good music resides. if you got 4 minutes to listen go to: YOUTUBE COM/IMBRIGGZ and join me on TWITTER COM/BRIGGZNATION

  • John Quality

    Mannn that new Apollo Brown and O.C. album Trophies is dope!!!! Should of put O.C. on the cover or Jean Grae!!!!

  • Evan

    where can i find this magazine? i have to get it signed by Logic in July. Someone please let me know

  • neyo

    yoooo BLACK HIPPY HiiiPOWER!

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