I Get Confused… Kanye West

“Let the suicide doors up, I threw suicides on the tour bus, I threw suicides on the private jet.” —Kanye West, “Mercy” (Mercy, 2012)

Gull-wing doors are probably what Yeezy was referring to. You know, those doors that pop upwards, popularly used on Lamborghinis and DeLoreans?

While suicide doors are built to open on an opposite hinge from regular doors, they still open sideways, not upwards. Popularly used throughout the early 20th century until the ‘60s, these doors are still spotted on luxury vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Ghost, or on some pimped-out Pontiac down South.

‘Ye actually made the same mistake on his ’07 single, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” when he kicked off his second verse with “let up the suicide doors.” It’s evident the guy has a lot of love for luxury cars, especially Lamborghinis (listen to the hook of “Mercy”). Note to Kanye: those are Gull-swing doors, not suicides. XXL Staff (@XXL)

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  • TruthBeTold

    wow xxl , get your shit straight before you write another pointless article. GULL WING DOORS, featured on the delorean, toyota sera, etc. open HORIZONTALLY upwards and are attached to the roof which splits up. LAMBO DOORS were popularized by lambourgini and therefore took the name, those doors open VERTICALLY upwards and are attached to the SIDE HINGES of the doors. suicide doors are the opposite, which open vertically still but are attached to back hinges. three completely set of doors, and lambo owners have the option to have either SUICIDE or original LAMBO doors.

  • DXB

    Plus, you called them Gull-wing doors in one paragraph and Gull-swing the next. So which is it, editor?

  • TruthBeTold

    BTW, letter to editor or whoevers in charge… do something about your writers.. their getting rediculous, how can they even call themselves writers or journalists if they can NEVER get their facts straight?


    lambo doors open up right?…..the song is about a lamborgini right, so yall niggas is reachin, nit piking, hating, what ever you want to call it……bro you need to go to sleep, take a nap or something…shit is dumb

  • will

    Haha XXL got checked..now tryna hide it.

  • Me

    Is this….is this an article? Get your god damned shit together, XXL. Jesus. Stop OKing shit like this. Whoever wrote this, you are awful. Yes, YOU. Whoever let you do this is just as awful. Yes, fucking YOU. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point within the last year or two, XXL hired someone or several people who consistently give us unfunny, irrelevant, and overall pointless mush. You are a sorry excuse for a journalist. Stop.

  • Shawty J

    I love how XXL comes at Kanye for getting scissor doors and suicide doors mixed up, but in the process calls scissor doors gull-wing doors. Step your game up, XXL.

  • Czar

    So Kanye making a mistake about doors is an important impact or concept in hip hop. Niggas outchear trippan my nigga… straight fucking wild life yo

  • https://www.facebook.com/ianvandoor IVMusic

    When Ye rap about that suicide door i think he’s makin an metaphor, refering to the famous car doors, and the suicide solution when pain gets to heavy to carry

  • kdmid

    Those are scissor doors… not gull wing doors

  • Keef

    Who cares if its not technically correct rap is an art form with adstract ideas and concepts which means it’s not actually within the bounds of reality. Which means is not limited to whats real or technically correct. So if Ye’s suicide doors want to go up in order to make the rhyme work then they go up how else can they be fresh to death? Oh by the way if your going to correct someone please get your facts right first… google it our something cause gull-wing doors are never and I mean never on a Lamborghini’s. Lamborghini doors and gull-wing doors same concept as in doors that go up but total different ways in which they achieve deserved affect. Is that anal enough for you.

  • asdd

    you guys are wrong too, it’s Gull-Wing not Gull-Swing!

  • HipHop

    Listen to the interview he did with Flex a while back: “When i say let the suicide doors up, I don’t mean suicide as in outwards but suicide because when the doors open it makes you wanna kill yaself” – Kanye