Five Similarities Shared Between Rick Ross And Usher’s “Lemme See” & “Touch’N You” Videos

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    Five Similarities Shared Between Rick Ross And Usher's "Lemme See" & "Touch'N You" Videos
    This week, Rick Ross and Usher released not one, but two respective videos for their recent collaborations with Usher's "Lemme See" and Rozay's "Touch'N You." While they serve as visuals for two different albums (Usher's <em>Looking 4 Myself</em> and Ross' <em>God Forgives, I Don't</em>), the videos between the two stars share common qualities that <em>XXL</em> couldn't overlook. From the scenery to the leading ladies in each video, take a look at the five similarities shared between Rozay's and Usher's latest music videos. —<em>XXL Staff</em> (<a href="">@XXL</a>)
  • Girls
    What's an R&B and hip-hop music video without girls right? Well, this is an obvious comparison as Usher's video features a girl with a dragon tattoo and Rozay's finds actress Tae Heckard (<em>ATL</em>, <em>The Game</em>).
  • Games
    Games They Play
    While Rozay's "Touch'N You" visual features him playing a good 'ol game of chess, Usher's takes it to the next level with some ropes and foreplay. What a combination.
  • Shirt-Shirtless
    Shirtless Ross vs. Shirt-On Ross
    Before you question how this is a comparison—clearly it isn't—Ross wears jackets in both videos. However, we couldn't overlook the fact that Ross goes shirtless in Usher's video as oppose to his own.
  • Poolside
    Poolside Scenes
    Both videos take place around a pool and in Ross' video, the leading lady actually takes a dip in it.
  • Window-Pane
    Window Vision
    Usher and Ross both take it to the windows in their respective segments as in "Lemme See" the R&B crooner sings by it, while in Ross' he looks through it. Get the similarity here? (We're guessing it was shot in the same house.)

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