50 Cent and Game may have turned enemies in recent years, but the one-time collaborators seem to still think alike.

The former friends recently announced the titles of their respective upcoming projects and, what a coincidence, they share very similar names. Fif's album, slated for a July 3rd street date, is titled Five (Murder by Numbers) while Game's late-2012 set is called F.I.V.E.: Fear is Victory's Evolution.

Five being the common denominator, XXL decided to come up with five other moments in which the G-Unit general and the G-Unot ambassador commonly shared the odd figure. Stop it, Five.—Gina Montana

Both 50 Cent and Game Dropped Albums in 2005


Game's The Documentary debut hit shelves on January 18, 2005 and 50 Cent's The Massacre was released on March 3, 2005.

50 Cent and Game Started Beefin', Made Up and Then Started Beefin' Again in 2005


The beef between Fif and Game became public right around the time Game's first album dropped at the top of 2005. The two managed to put their differences aside for the anticipated album's release, as 50 appeared on three tracks. In fact, the release date of 50 Cent's 2005 album, The Massacre, was pushed back to accommodate Game's debut. But tension allegedly arose again during the filming of Game's "Hate It or Love It" video, when 50 refused to shoot a scene in the front seat of a car with Game, choosing instead to sit in the back. 50 then went on to dismiss Game from G-Unit during a Hot 97 radio interview, but that was followed by a public reconciliation, which didn't last long. G-Unit criticized Game's street cred and Game allegedly launched a G-Unot campaign, a myriad of diss tracks were released back-and-forth and the rest is history.

50 Cent Helps Game's Debut Album Sell Over Five Million Copies

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Not only did 50 appear on three tracks off The Documentary, he, according to Lloyd Banks' "Showtime" track, wrote half of the album. So, to hear Banks say it, 50 Cent is partially responsible for helping the album sell a little over five Million copies in the United States first week.

Lloyd Banks Joins The Drama By Dropping Mo' Money in the Bank Pt. 5: Gang Green Season Continues


After Game released "240 Bars (Spider Joke)" and "100 Bars (The Funeral)," both attacking G-Unit, Banks jumped in the mix, replying to Game during a "Rap City" freestyle booth session. The Game retaliated by releasing a diss record called "SoundScan" where he pokes fun at Lloyd Banks' album, Rotten Apple, falling thirteen spots on the Billboard 200 chart and disappointing second week sales. Lloyd Banks replied on his mixtape Mo' Money In The Bank Pt. 5: Gang Green Season Continues, with the song "Showtime (The Game's Over)" specifically aimed at Game.

Tony Yayo Released With a $5,000 Bail After Allegedly Attacking Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond's Son


The beef between Game and 50 continued to escalate when Fif's right hand man and longtime member of G-Unit, allegedly attacked Game's manager, Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond's son. Yayo was arrested on March 24, 2007 and was accused of smacking Lil' Henchmen for wearing the shirt of his father's record label, Czar Entertainment. Yay' also allegedly showed the 14-year-old boy that he had a gun before smacking him up. Yayo was charged for assault and was later released with a $5,000 bail.