XXL Speculates on Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber’s Conversations

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  • justin-bieber-lil-wayne-50-cent-floyd-mayweather-2012-480x305
    50 Cent to Floyd Mayweather: "After we celebrate your win, let's discuss adding Justin Bieber to the Money Team."
  • bieber-floyd-50
    50 Cent to Floyd Mayweather: "I can't believe dude really has me hanging out with Justin Bieber."
  • Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+C2bfH24HT7yl
    50 Cent: "If it looks good for the cameras, I'll shake hands with Lil Wayne."
  • Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+oAgAATwmT1al
    Justin Bieber: "Ma, do I look cool right now?!"
  • Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+YIpzRUQPYz_l
    Lil Wayne: "That Floyd Mayweather is even more gangsta than me!"
  • 50+Cent+Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+0oOkD8L6Hfol
    50 Cent to Justin Bieber: "Move out the way, youngin'."
  • Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+Nmxkm8gDDBPl
    Justin Bieber: "I hope Floyd doesn't ruin my soft leather jacket with his sweaty armpit juices."
  • Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+dTJVEU7y_BDl
    50 Cent: "Yeah, Floyd Mayweather and I have a serious bromance."
  • Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+Media+Workout+XyHi_P2AUwkl
    Floyd Mayweather: "That was soooooo funny, right Fif? Right?"
  • Miguel+Cotto+v+Floyd+Mayweather+Jr+e_LDee-wmVWl
    Justin Bieber: "Is my Bruno Mars hairdo still in place?!"

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  • Tru Talk

    That 50 comment about if it looks good for the camera with wayne is priceless lol

  • noushi_boi_uk

    mayweather jus wanted a white slave lol

  • http://Crappyrappers.com SC

    Who writes this crap?

  • nahmean

    So now the world gets to see what a spineless little bitch 50 cent is. WEEZY IS FOREVER.

    • http://xxlmag.com donnix2012

      get off 50 nuts loser

  • K3

    yea ever sense 50 added floyd to his street kings team they been everywhere together. But floyds a bitch. Im from grand rapids where hes from and everyone here knows him as a little bitch. His trainer use to have to bail him out of bar fights and shit. he aint got street cred no where.

    • noushi_boi_uk

      cool story bro……. tell it again

  • lol

    the number 6 one with wayne is classsic


    50 smile looks sooooooo fake lmao , i knew he was mad cuz lilwayne so called best rapper in 50 mind he is cuz he sold so much now he feel like wayne stole his momentum! his fans he feel like the audience left him a gorilla goon(50cent) for a baby chimpanzee(lilwayne) back in 2003 50 would have knocked wayne out had he came with a handshake lol