Action Bronson a.k.a Bronsonlino never settles for the bullshit, and sporadically goes on Twitter rants expressing his deepest inner thoughts. But his followers and online critics alike weren't too happy when he posted several Instagram photos two days ago (Tuesday), of a supposedly disabled transgender person who his friend splashed with water. With captions such as "Close up of Drunk Mexican Tranny after Bes poured a Bottle of water on its head," and "Big Body Posin wit a Drunk Mexican on Broadway #Queens," many people weren't amused, including indie-music publication Pitchfork.

After parting ways with Instagram altogether, Bronson went about on Twitter, and defended his clout with a series of 140-word shots. Take a look at the combined sentences:

"WELL THANKS TO YOU FUCKIN HERB COCKSUCKERS MY INSTAGRAM IS NOW NO LONGER. IM NOT EVEN MAKING A NEW ONE FUCK YOU. Na I'm bullshittin It was me. Fuck Instagram and Fuck Sensitivity. I did nothin wrong but Document Hard Life in the NYC streets. Grow Up. My Word is my Bond I Love All People. But I hate me a Stupid Mothafucka. My Mother is Upset. The Picture i posted on Instagram was Distasteful yes, But in no way was i trying to offend anybody from the Gay.....and Lesbian Community. It wasnt even a Transvestite it just honestly looked like one. I was stupid and i apologize for any hurt caused. In closing I still dont give a fuck what anyone thinks i love everyone and Blow Me from the Back. Honestly Mothafuckas spinned this shit so crazy. I HAVE NO ISSUES WITH ANY HUMAN BEINGS. THATS IT. Nobody can make any jokes about anything anymore then. NO BLACK,WHITE,FAT,SKINNY ANYTHING ANYMORE THEN. U gonna try and make me a scapegoat. For some bullshit I didn't even do I just documented. If the word "Tranny" wasn't in it would u care if it was drunk Mexican? No. Everyone is HOLY RIGHT. Fuck that I DID NOTHING WRONG. NOTHING AT ALL. FUCK THAT IM NOT EXPLAINING MYSELF AGAIN. IF U DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I SAID IM DONE. IM PRO WHATEVA SOMEONE WANTS TO DO WITH THEIR LIFE. THAT'S IT. U know how many assholes I get on twitter talkin all kinds of crazy shit all day long? Nobody gives a duck about that right. If everyone is equal then why doesn't this outcry of bullshit happen when someone calls me Fat Fuck or Whateva. THIS STRAIGJT BULLSHIT. Mothafuckas who don't even post my music post this bullshit. FUCK YOU. There is no Freedom of Speech or Expression anymore everybody has to walk on Eggshells and I won't. Say what u want. I'm done."

That was long, but certainly beefed up with angry darts that'll possibly drive more fans and followers away. XXL thinks Action Bronson's an amazing artist, and noticing that he obviously doesn't have a PR to properly convey what's on his mind, we did him a favor and reinterpreted his words on this premiere posting of "What He Meant To Say." Look below:


First of all, I would like to thank my mother and my wife for being by my side. Before I go on, I would first like to address the level of sensitivity that’s been overly exaggerated, and the public outcry of this matter that’s far from what I expected. I love the Gay and Lesbian community, wholeheartedly, but I’m not as in tuned with the transgender community. Due to the distasteful backlash, I was removed from Instagram, a social media outlet I frequent to document my passion: Food. The picture, which I’ve posted, may have stated captions that were distasteful, but it was in many ways a documentation of New York City’s atmosphere. I believe in my words, and I try my best to live what I preach. While the blurb humorously injected the word “tranny,” the figure in the photo wasn’t a transvestite. My action was shortsighted, and I’d like to apologize for any hurtful feelings I’ve caused.

I’m from Queens where multiple ethnic communities flourish, and as a resident of such a culturally diverse locale, I’ve been exposed to different beliefs at an early age. I support various lifestyles, and people of all colors and creed. Overly sensationalizing my statement is no different than becoming incessantly defensive over racially driven humor aimed at people of color, people who are overweight, or any other physical forms for that matter. I don’t believe my situation is fairly being judged, and it hurts me that such embellishment of hate is tarnishing my claim, when we’re residents of a country that supports the first amendment—freedom of speech. Once again, I’d like to apologize, but my hearts in Flushing, Queens, where Chinese lady offers acupuncture, and Korean barbecues accentuate a deep aroma. As long as my pee pee’s satisfied, and my baklava cravings are carefully administered, I’m a happy outdoorsmen.


See, much better, right?