Seven Things XXL Wants to See from Kanye on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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  • kanye kim
  • kanye west stare
    Kanye Breaks The Fourth Wall, Attacks Cameraman
    With total regard for the fact that he’s on TV and having his life taped, but with no regard for the fact that reality personalities rarely, if ever, act like what’s happening is anything out of the ordinary, Kanye stares blankly at the camera for what feels like an eternity (but is really just eight seconds) before tossing the equipment and cameraman to the ground.
  • theraflu cover
    Kanye Paints the Cover Art for “Way Too Cold” While Kim Poses Nude
    It’s up in the air what would be the best part of this. Watching Kanye paint? Getting a(nother) glimpse of Kim in the nude? Both seem like golden opportunities.
  • kanye scott disick
    Kanye and Scott Disick (Kourtney's baby daddy) Get Into a Shouting Match
    Though each seem to have slightly toned down their antics over the last couple years, both Disick and Yeezy have gained a reputation for over-the-top outbursts. After Scott spends an hour looking at himself in the mirror prior to a double date with Kourtney, Kim and Kanye, he walks out of his room, shoots a glance at ’Ye’s get up and asks, “You’re wearing that?” Kanye looks back furiously and clamors, “Don’t talk to me bout style, n****, I’ll muthafuckin’ embarrass you.” The shouting continues, before each begins to cry. They eventually hug it out.
  • kanye khloe
    Kanye Tries to Use Friendship with Jay-Z as Leverage During Spat with Khloe
    After Khloe confronts Kanye about whether or not he's really the one for Kim, ’Ye spazzes out and brings his relationship with Hov into the fold. “Lucky I ain't have Jay sign Lamar [Odom] and <em>then</em> drop him from the team!”
  • kanye in the studio
    Kanye and Kim Hit The Studio
    Last year, Kim released the song “Jam.” No, it wasn’t good. But it would be great to see her in the studio again, if it meant offering a peek at her beau’s creative process. Whether they were working on another solo effort for Kim, or she was simply accompanying him while he focused on any of his other projects, this could be eye-opening for hip-hop fans.
  • kanye and kardashian family
    Kanye Is Included in the Opening Sequence for the Show
    Kanye has his own brief scene in the opening title sequence of the season, alongside Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, and the rest of the you know it’s real.
  • kanye kim kiss
    Kanye and Kim Take A Bubble Bath
    When the news was confirmed that Yeezy would indeed appear in this season, Kim tried to temper expectations. "I'm not going to be taking a bubble bath and drinking champagne or on a sex swing,” she said. But imagine the two of them sitting in a bubble bath sipping champagne. If <em>that</em> ain’t hip-hop, what is?

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