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Rhymes And Ammo: What Would 2 Chainz Say?

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2 Chainz, who's been busy collaborating with A-list rap stars (with Drake, "No Lie"; with 50 Cent, "Riot (Remix)"), recently became a trending topic on Twitter (#What2ChainzWouldSay), amassing a gargantuan list of responses from fans emulating the rapper’s style of smirk-inducing punchlines. Chainz himself was surprised by the outcome, but pop sensation Justin Bieber assured: "2 Chainz is still trending. Why? Because he is a #beast. Swaggy." To add onto the fueling hype surrounding this "chain" of Tweets, XXL dished out a few lines of its own. HUNNA!—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

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#What2ChainzWouldSay My garage is foreign, got a model chick that's boring/15 racks while touring/all my sheets: Ralph Lauren!


2 Chainz

#What2ChainzWouldSay My gun go blicka blam/I'm Tupac without the hologram/I'll take ya girl, hit it man/Next time you see her—INSTAGRAM!


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#What2ChainzWouldSay 2 Chainz, rich n---a, rich like Fortune 5 Hunna/Pocket of Warren Buffet, no singles, all hunnas.


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#What2ChainzWouldSay Took your girl, made her wifey (TRU!)/We just do it, Nike(UH!)/Her newborn look just like me/So now guess what? MAURY!