It’s great having Eminem for a boss. Just ask Slaughterhouse.

The four-man contingent, consisting of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9”, have laid out all their bars for their upcoming Shady Records-debut album, Welcome to: Our House. Now, they’re just waiting on Em to sprinkle his final touches on the LP.

"The album is done. In terms of vocal recording, we're done. Marshall is still in the process of mixing, we still got a couple of records that we're missing," Royce da 5'9" recently told MTV News.

They hope to keep their scheduled release date of June 12, but if they have to push it back, it will only be by a month at most, Royce says.

"We're on pace for June, worst-case scenario, we're looking at July,” said Royce, “but it's definitely coming, 100 percent.”

Just like their fans, the fellas in Slaughterhouse can’t wait to hear the finished product. In fact, they told MTV that their music for this album has been safeguarded tremendously.

“We don't have the music, it stays in the studio. It's safe there," Joell Ortiz said. "But every time we go to record or just get up and meet in Detroit with Em and everybody at Shady, I personally ask them to hear records."

Back in February, Crooked I told that Eminem is taking a very hands-on approach with their LP.

“Em is putting in incredible effort with this album,” Crooked said. “He’s arranging, he’s being featured on songs, he’s producing. He’s putting in just as much, if not more work, than everyone else as far as Slaughterhouse. If he’s not featured on it he produced it, if he didn’t produce it he arranged it, if he didn’t arrange it…when it’s all said and done, his presence is going to be felt throughout. He’s the fifth member of Slaughterhouse at this point.”—Mark Lelinwalla