Eminem Putting Finishing Touches on Slaughterhouse Shady Records Debut LP

It’s great having Eminem for a boss. Just ask Slaughterhouse.

The four-man contingent, consisting of Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9”, have laid out all their bars for their upcoming Shady Records-debut album, Welcome to: Our House. Now, they’re just waiting on Em to sprinkle his final touches on the LP.

“The album is done. In terms of vocal recording, we’re done. Marshall is still in the process of mixing, we still got a couple of records that we’re missing,” Royce da 5’9″ recently told MTV News.

They hope to keep their scheduled release date of June 12, but if they have to push it back, it will only be by a month at most, Royce says.

“We’re on pace for June, worst-case scenario, we’re looking at July,” said Royce, “but it’s definitely coming, 100 percent.”

Just like their fans, the fellas in Slaughterhouse can’t wait to hear the finished product. In fact, they told MTV that their music for this album has been safeguarded tremendously.

“We don’t have the music, it stays in the studio. It’s safe there,” Joell Ortiz said. “But every time we go to record or just get up and meet in Detroit with Em and everybody at Shady, I personally ask them to hear records.”

Back in February, Crooked I told XXLMag.com that Eminem is taking a very hands-on approach with their LP.

“Em is putting in incredible effort with this album,” Crooked said. “He’s arranging, he’s being featured on songs, he’s producing. He’s putting in just as much, if not more work, than everyone else as far as Slaughterhouse. If he’s not featured on it he produced it, if he didn’t produce it he arranged it, if he didn’t arrange it…when it’s all said and done, his presence is going to be felt throughout. He’s the fifth member of Slaughterhouse at this point.”—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • Lawrence

    Can’t wait.

  • James

    I second that.

  • asdlfj

    eminem sucks, u know why? cause he can only rap, sing, create a proper chorus, produce music, rhyme a word with orange, writes his own lyrics down to the last syllable…


    • alex

      you must be fucking stupid, he”s not really recording anything right now because he making a movie southpaw cant wait to see it dont ever come here think before what you write a dumbass statement

      • AlexSuxDik4Coke

        You must be fucking stupid, Em delayed southpaw to work on music. Think before you write a dumb ass statement lol.

  • Mohammed Aghris

    Am really excited for the album. I’m glad I was able to get a ticket for the Slaughterhouse concert of 21 May in Amsterdam. Man, i can’t wait. Shady 2.0!!!!

  • Mohammed Aghris

    The Amsterdam concert is on May, 20th.

  • emma

    I’m so excited, this album will change the current hip-hop scene. I really hope a lot of people get to hear them, because they’re the best in the biz right now!

  • atown don

    Yea thats right Eminem get your kids album right before it comes out so people will buy it because of your affiliation…LOL Its funny how none of the cats never really achieved individually but now suppossed to be changing the game of hip hop… Man get real… People from Detroit didnt even know of Royce da 5 9 until of recent… Oh yeah the same Royce that him & Eminem tried to created a FAKE BEEF to gain some exposure for lame Detroit, but didnt work.. Maybe these four can be like the transformers, all connect to form one decent rapper….. Real Talk


      Fake beef? You mean the fake beef where Royces crew and D12′s crew was gettin into scraps and pullin guns on each other? Damn I didnt know that was scripted. Wonder why it took Proof to end the beef if it was fake.
      Your a fuckin idiot, who dont know shit. Royce has been a legend in Detroit.
      Just because they as artists didnt break major doesnt take away the fact that they can rap circles around the majority of the cats in the industry.
      Its how the industry works if they cant get you to sell your soul and become part of what they manufacture for you they dont want you.
      Every so often an artists is a gem thats unpolished gets passed on and then finally gets a chance to shine.
      Slaughterhouse is the truth. The group thing is doin nothing but making their individual strengths that much better.Props to Shady for the ear for real talent.

    • FRee

      word? with a name like ‘atown’ you most likely listen to garbage .. lil waynes the greatest rapper alive right? … any one of these cats from sh would EAT YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER ALIVE…

  • Nocturnal

    WTF you talking about Atown Don? Do you even listen to rap.. Your Fucking stupid!!! Royce is from detroit and just because YOU havent heard of him that means detroit didnt… um he has put out many mixtapes and was on shadys earlier album before bad meets evil…. him and em album went platinum which is more then you can say for these other artist out here…. you prolly aint even know about joell or crooked I… and you dead wrong cause budden is the truth.. but his lyrics intimidated labes which is why they jerked him… listen kid…. go back to your room…put your headphones on…and finish listening to Soulja boy…….

  • gabbi