Waka Flocka Flame on Changing the Sound of Hip-Hop & Friendly Competition

The title to the album is Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, and Family what made you decide to name it that?

Because that’s what I live by [ever] since I started rappin’. The lifestyle I once lived, I could never go back there. If I can sum it up, it’s about friends, fans and family. Even when I make music for my friends, I make music for my fans and I make music for my family. But my family is more personal shit, more emotional shit. My friends, that shit is like flexin’, goin’ to the club, shit we like listenin’ to. Your fans, they love you for party and wild shit. So it’s all just mixin’ all three of them together and makin’ a good album.

You mentioned friends. Who are some people in the game that you’d consider friends?

My family. I’m gonna tell you why I can’t [really] say my friends. My family is the people that came with me on Earth when I was born. My friends? It’s hard to say who’s your friend ’cause I grew up with a group of niggas all my life and them niggas turned sour on me like out the blue. So you can’t call nobody your friend no more. I call niggas associates [or] good partners. It’s family, ain’t no friends. Friends is a kid’s title. That’s a little boy title, “My friend.” I can honestly say, though, that my friends are niggas that been there for me day one, still stuck here through thick and thin. I got friends I met three years ago that’s more solid friends that I had around me damn near all of my life. I could meet someone tomorrow they could be the best friend, then next year you can just fall out. Your friends, they got expiration dates. That’s what I call them. I got friends with expiration dates and I got solid friends.

Now you closed Flockaveli with the controversial track, “Fuck This Industry.” Are you carrying that sort-of rebellious mood over to this new album? Or is it more celebratory?

This shit just like Flockaveli. Same shit. Fuck this industry. I don’t care nothin’ about no industry. I don’t care about no interviews, magazine covers, no fuckin’ TV shows. I’m not thinkin’ about none of that. Only thing I’m thinkin’ about is making good music, stayin’ on tour, feedin’ fans, signin’ autographs, takin’ pictures. That’s what it’s all its about.

What’s one of your favorite songs off the album?

The mood I’m in right now, “You Ain’t About That Life.” [However] “Power of the Pen” is my favorite song right now.

What’s that record about?

[That record] is just like expressing different shit that I got from the power of my pen. Just from words on the paper or words on the record it changes people’s opinion about you. The power of the pen could change your life [by] just expressions on a paper.

Are there any unlikely collabos on the album?

Yeah, I got a record with B.o.B. called “Fist Pump.”

Tell me about that one. Sounds interesting.

That record I got with B.o.B called “Fist Pump,” I mixed pop, rock and rap together. Sounds, not vocals. You know how Pop beats [sound], them shits just sound crazy. [With] Rock that shit sound retarded and hip-hop is base. So, I got my producer Southside and B.o.B got his producer and him, so they all went in on the beat. I just had to make a victory song ’cause I feel like I made it over the mark. First they told me I’m only good for one song, then two songs, then three songs, then four songs, now five and six. So I feel like “Fist Pump” is the ultimate victory song. You know people be on [their] “Jersey Shore” shit, everybody fist pump. I went to a club [a while back and] everybody was fist pumping. I was like ‘Oh shit I need to make a song like that before someone beat me to the punch,’ but I never knew who I could get. So I met B.o.B.,I been knew him, and was like, ‘Perfect. He need this urban crowd, I need some of that market, plus that’s my nigga. He needs some light shed, just like I need some light shed.’ I had hella fun making it.

Now a lot has happened since you last dropped an album. For instance you went on to partner with PETA. How did that partnership take place?

The campaign I did with PETA was “Ink Over Mink.” I never been a mink person period. I hate minks. I hate furs. That shit is wack to me. I ain’t gon’ lie, as a kid I stand by that. You can tell that by my “Oh Let’s Do It (Remix)” video. [Puff and Rick Ross] had minks on, [they even] had a mink for me, but I wouldn’t put that shit on and that was way before PETA. So, it’s no publicity stunt. Niggas aint give me no money. I ain’t get no cash for it. It’s just somethin’ I stood by. Plus, I like dogs— my my new PETA ad is for dogs. That’s just what I stand for as a man. I’m not thinkin’ about if I go back to the ’hood and somebody is gonna be like “Yo that shit is wack.” Fuck you at the end of the day, ’cause when I’m broke, you’re not gonna feed me a bread crumb. If this how I feel, why not express how the fuck I feel? That’s just how it is. And I’m all for it man.

Not many rappers are lined up for PETA so that was definitely a big step to take. Speaking of animals, did you get a chance to look at the new XXL Freshman issue?

Yeah, I seen it.

What did you think of French’s Bear Hoody?

That nigga a flashy dude. He gonna fuck around and have a white polar bear made. That nigga is just wild.

A couple weeks ago you went to Paris Fashion Week, how was that experience? Kanye and everyone else were over there.

It’s was crazy. Like, first of all, I never been to Paris, so I was like a damn tourist. So I’m in Paris, eating food and dining and this nigga Common is outside the hotel. I’m like, “What is this guy doing out here?” How the fuck you bump into Common, Mos Def, Pusha T, [pretty much] everybody’s in Paris. I just went out there to chill. Like, ’Ye, I don’t look at the nigga like, “ Oh this is Kanye!” I wasn’t [even] supposed to perform. That was just some shit I did, put some hip-hop in that party. Just to turn it up. Big Sean was out there too. [The whole experience] was just crazy.

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  • fuck waka

    Waka sucks.

    • 6661irrelevant

      You suck Big Dicks like Prodigy. Especially because you to come to this article & hate. If you don’t like something stay the fuck away from it. You know face to face you either wouldn’t say anything to Waka or pretend to be a fan. So why bother.

      • fuck waka

        Waka sucks, man. Just deal with it.

        • 6661irrelevant

          Again. If you don’t like something stay away from it. You just wack ass hell for wasting time hating on something that is not gonna stop. #SQUAD

  • J.R.

    waka is a little bitch, the only worse rappers out there are Lil B, Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane!!! NO TALENT!!!

    • 6661irrelevant

      The only worst rappers is YOU. With your none rappin ass. All the so called lyricists are falling off. Cause they don’t have the business sense down south rappers have. Nas going broke, DMX is a crackhead & a lunatic, Shine is Jewish now apparently, Jay-Z rips off his younger entourage’s talent & pays himself. Mobb Deep is GAY. But yet the rappers with “no talent” keep making money & climbing the charts. Funny huh? Keep hating. Even Jay-Z recruited Lex Luger & Southside for Watch The Throne. They are producers for Brick Squad & Mizay Entertainement. Apparently Gucci & Waka are on to something. Do us a favor and go listen to Wiz, Tyga, Kid Ink, & ASAP. They need the support.

  • http://maniakmuzik.com dropgemz

    It’s funny how people who either have no music out there or even do yet it is not making any noise are quick to say that someone like Waka or Soulja have no talent. It’s like T.I. said on Trap Muzik, “Get a Benz! I’ll value your opinion then!” Hahaha! Put some muzik out and make some noise then maybe we can talk.

  • hiphopsince81

    yo waka himself says that hes not a good rapper so whats the problem theres enough music out where you aint even gotta listen to his shit , respect the mans hustle and let him do his thing I dnt like his music either but reguardless hes made an impact on hiphop and carved a lane for himself , and just cause you sayin somthins wack isnt gonna make it go away i mean ICP is still around and those fools shoulda disapeared a long time ago

  • Yomama

    This is why we should have never freed the slaves…

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  • http://www.pottstreet.com Gusto

    I know folk hate on him but Waka sounds like a stand up dude. Props on the PETA connect too, that’s a good look.