Waka Flocka Flame on Changing the Sound of Hip-Hop & Friendly Competition

Two years after stomping his way into the game with 2010’s belligerent debut, Flockaveli—which produced successful singles in “Oh Let’s Do It,” “Hard in the Paint,” and the certified platinum, “No Hands”—Brick Squad general Waka Flocka Flame is looking to once and for all prove his freshman effort was no fluke. Waka’s sophomore disc, Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, and Family is set to hit stores June 12th. If the album’s two lead singles “Round of Applause” fearuing Drake and the recently released, “I Don’t Really Care”  with Trey Songz, are any indication, Triple F Life is poised for another solid LP. XXLMag.com recently sat down with Waka to speak on Flockaveli changing the sound of hip-hop, why competing on tracks is lame and partnering with PETA, among other things.—Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

XXLMag.com: Coming off the success of Flockaveli, how did you approach crafting this new LP?

Waka Flocka: My album Flockaveli had a lot of controversy. A lot of people [were] sayin’ that [the album wasn’t] what it was supposed to be. I dissected Flockaveli. I put it out and waited out another year. I skipped a year without droppin’ another album ’cause I wanted to see who [out there was] really chasin’ my sound and I feel like Flockaveli really changed the sound of hip-hop. A lot of people went against it, but if you go against it, your music was goin’ to just drift off, but if you [went] with the sound, it [would] pick it up to a different sound. So coming’ off Flockaveli, I think that was a good introduction. So I ain’t wanna hurry up and bounce back and go wood, so I had to get my mind back right and get off my high hat. I ain’t wanna be rappin’ like I’m feelin’ myself, so I still had to get back hungry. So I put myself back on that stage. Everyday I wake up I think like a broke nigga. That’s my mentality. Like I’m broke, I’m hungry everyday. That’s my mentality and that’s how it is. I love it though.

Coming off of Lock Out with French Montana and other tapes, how do you go about creating tracks for a mixtape and for an album?

Honestly, ain’t no different from a mixtape track to an album track, ’cause it’s a lot of mixtape tracks I should put on my album. I treat every tape I put out like an album, so professionally I got two albums, but to me, I got like 10 of them. I [just] try to go hard every time even if it’s a feature that someone up the street paid me for. So I’m gonna treat it like an album verse every time.

What was it like creating Lock Out with your boy French Montana?

Honestly, like when I’m on songs with rappers, I tend not to compete with [them]. I think that shit is lame as hell honestly. I can’t compete with nobody ’cause when I compete with a person, it’s like slick hatin’. On the same token like if I’m fuckin’ with somebody, we just goin’ hard together. Our chemistry gotta feed off of each other. Lock Out tape, that shit was crazy. French my nigga. Plus he needed some light shed on him. By that tape doing that, look at my nigga’s situation. So I feel grateful for that. Wale, Roscoe Dash, Machine Gun Kelly, it’s just [about] helpin’ everybody. If I got some light, ’cause I feel like they my generation, why not shed some light on them.

You also did that “Wild Boy” joint with MGK, how did that collaboration happen?

Honestly, I just went to one of his shows at S.O.B.’s. I just went to his show because people kept tellin’ me, “Yo it’s this kid name MGK, he hard as shit” and I seen his YouTube shit [so I was like], “Yo let’s check out his performance.” His shit was just hard. After that we [both] went to the studio and he was like, “I got this record called “Wild Boy,” I heard it and [immediately] jumped right on it. Movie.

That video looked like a movie too.

Oh yeah, hella fun. It was cra—zy.


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  • fuck waka

    Waka sucks.

    • 6661irrelevant

      You suck Big Dicks like Prodigy. Especially because you to come to this article & hate. If you don’t like something stay the fuck away from it. You know face to face you either wouldn’t say anything to Waka or pretend to be a fan. So why bother.

      • fuck waka

        Waka sucks, man. Just deal with it.

        • 6661irrelevant

          Again. If you don’t like something stay away from it. You just wack ass hell for wasting time hating on something that is not gonna stop. #SQUAD

  • J.R.

    waka is a little bitch, the only worse rappers out there are Lil B, Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane!!! NO TALENT!!!

    • 6661irrelevant

      The only worst rappers is YOU. With your none rappin ass. All the so called lyricists are falling off. Cause they don’t have the business sense down south rappers have. Nas going broke, DMX is a crackhead & a lunatic, Shine is Jewish now apparently, Jay-Z rips off his younger entourage’s talent & pays himself. Mobb Deep is GAY. But yet the rappers with “no talent” keep making money & climbing the charts. Funny huh? Keep hating. Even Jay-Z recruited Lex Luger & Southside for Watch The Throne. They are producers for Brick Squad & Mizay Entertainement. Apparently Gucci & Waka are on to something. Do us a favor and go listen to Wiz, Tyga, Kid Ink, & ASAP. They need the support.

  • http://maniakmuzik.com dropgemz

    It’s funny how people who either have no music out there or even do yet it is not making any noise are quick to say that someone like Waka or Soulja have no talent. It’s like T.I. said on Trap Muzik, “Get a Benz! I’ll value your opinion then!” Hahaha! Put some muzik out and make some noise then maybe we can talk.

  • hiphopsince81

    yo waka himself says that hes not a good rapper so whats the problem theres enough music out where you aint even gotta listen to his shit , respect the mans hustle and let him do his thing I dnt like his music either but reguardless hes made an impact on hiphop and carved a lane for himself , and just cause you sayin somthins wack isnt gonna make it go away i mean ICP is still around and those fools shoulda disapeared a long time ago

  • Yomama

    This is why we should have never freed the slaves…

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  • http://www.pottstreet.com Gusto

    I know folk hate on him but Waka sounds like a stand up dude. Props on the PETA connect too, that’s a good look.