Rick Ross vs. Meek Mill

While the two do share the same label fold with Maybach Music Group, Rick Ross and Meek Mill still have a little more in common than some would think. Looking at each of their profiles, it seems like the two also share similar government names with Ross’ being William Roberts and Meek as Robert Williams. Funny? Sort of, but definitely interesting. Taking this into perspective, XXLMag.com compiled a list of other similarities and contrasts between the Bawse and Meek Milly. Ma-Ma-Maybach Music…—XXL Staff

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  • Da Mexakin

    Este ariculo es estupido.. this shit is stupid man, i dont give a fuck about their goverment names what da fuck xxl ain shit no mo


    you can’t really compare william to anyone apart from maybe lady gaga nicki minaj madonna and other gimmick manufactured entertainers