Murda Ma$e vs Pastor Ma$e

By the look of things, Harlem World’s own Mason “Ma$e” Betha is prepping another comeback. After a slew of appearances here and there following 2004′s Welcome Back release, the rapper-turned-Pastor-turned-rapper seems like he’s ready to hit the recording booth once again after being spotted in the studio with the likes of Rick Ross, French Montana and Omarion. While his sporatic returns have been common within the past few years, one has to wonder, which Ma$e will fans be getting on this go-around: Murda Ma$e or Pastor Ma$e?

Judging by his previous released joints and religious job title, the possiblity is anything but inevitable. To take a close look at the two pseudonyms, created a tale of the tape to better distinguish the differences between both Pastor and Murda Ma$e. Another story to tell…—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

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  • Yamz

    Ghostface didn’t punch Mase, his man did

  • black jesus

    dmx and mase never had a rivalry or beef. in reality they are good friends, both appeared on each others debut albums, and mase actually bought dmx his first bible and encouraged him to un-retire from rap in 05.

  • po

    wish these artist would understand that people dont like people like rick roos or omarion. jus bcz of that i will never buy this album

  • francis nasim

    ahhh diddy,lets toast to death

  • King Chandler

    Mase is dope, I pick Murda Mase all day over pastor Mase, but I think his best bet as far as getting people to cop his shit would be to keep the content somewhere in the middle, don’t spit about how your gonna shoot somebody, but don’t start preaching in your verse either. Basically just spit that fly shit that you’ve been doing since your bad boy days. Betha is lyrical enough to put out an entertaining album without having to be Rambo or T.D. Jakes. Shit, Wiz bitch ass has mad fans and his content only goes as far as smoking joints and champagne, theres hope for anybody to get in the game nowadays.