Five Game Shows That Need A Hip Hop Rendering

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MTV2 recently announced plans to bring back the classic game show Hollywood Squares this spring. Except the updated rendition will now be known as Hip Hop Squares, and feature the likes of Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Mac Miller, and Machine Gun Kelly. Here at XXL, we’re psyched for the show to start and even came up with some pitches of our own for game shows that could use a hip hop rendering. Take a look…—XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

Action Bronson – Pot Chef

1. Pot Chef

Already the host of his own online cooking show Action In The Kitchen, the switch to network cable should be an easy transition for the Flushing, Queens rep. His adoration for the sticky and fine cuisine has been repeatedly mentioned in his rhymes. So hosting a battle of pot-drenched rappers cooking for supremacy would be easy. Gordon Ramsay would seem tame like a bruised kitten compared to Bronsolino’s vulgar (yet highly entertaining) critiques.

Vado – Double Dare

2. Vado Body And Face

Who better to drop the green gooze on contestants than Vado. We can already hear him yelling out “Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiime” after an incorrectly guessed response.

Cappadonna – Cash Cab – Dollar Dollar Bills Y’all

3. Cab Driver Body_CabHead

Rich in Wu-Tang wisdom and having already worked as a cabbie in Baltimore, Cappadonna’s the perfect replacement for Ben Bailey as the host of Cash Cab. Red light challenge! Which Wu-Tang member beat up a rap journalist?

Weakest Cuban Link – (YMCMB, Dipset, MMG, G Unit, etc)


Every crew’s got one, and we’d appreciate if someone eliminated them for all of our sake. In fact, we don’t even need a hip-hop host for it. Longtime hostess Anne Robinson, a.k.a the “Queen of Mean” will suffice as long as she gets rid of the annoying weed carriers from some of our favorite rap crews. For starters, 40 Cal and Gudda Gudda face off!

Family Feud – ASAP vs. Odd Future


We’ve seen crew beefs end in violent fashion too many times. Instead of taking it to the streets, the studio, or Twitter, groups should determine their crew’s supremacy in a friendly game of Family Feud. Although a match up between Harlem’s A$AP Mob against L.A’s Odd Future would most likely end with Harlem kids upset about OFWGK stepping on their sneakers, let’s be serious…these rappers don’t fight.