Download 2012 XXL Freshman Mixtape Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid, Diddy & T.I. Now

To celebrate the Fifth Annual Freshman issue (on newsstands now), XXL linked up with DJ Whoo Kid for the third year in a row to release a mixtape showcasing the skills of the new class, and now it’s ready for the world.  The 2012 XXL Freshman Mixtape features all 10 of this year’s freshmen, as Don Trip, Danny Brown, French Montana, Future, Hopsin, Iggy Azalea, Kid Ink, Machine Gun Kelly, Mackelmore and Roscoe Dash all display their talents. In addition to Whoo Kid, the release is hosted by Diddy and T.I.

Download the mixtape here. —XXL Staff

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  • wat

    Hop killed his song. I just wish they didn’t do that duo voice shit the entire track.

  • JAKE

    So french montana is in 5 songs and some of them only get 1.. What the fuck??

  • Kev

    @Jake Frenchy got the hooks.

  • Rod

    To bad some of the best artists only got 1 song. Hopsin, Macklemore.

    • tony mike

      yeah, hopsin and macklemore are the ONLY freshman worth a damn.

  • zack

    hopsin and mackelmore are the best rappers on here and only get 1 song..? diddys a bitch, how is he gonna get 4?

    • trevor

      fer sure. and it showed in the cyphers, but they still didnt do jack shit with their two biggest assets. not that good of a mixtape.

  • Jesse Wayne

    Snow The Product was left out of the Freshmen? She woulda murdered EVERYTHING!
    Glad to see Hopsin made it though. Keep it going bruh!

  • Diggz

    XXL is digging themselves a worse and worse hole. Macklemore is without a doubt the most talented rapper here and his only tracks an old one and at the end? Danny Brown, MGK and Macklemore are the only ones who deserved the publicity. Should be XXL freshman 3

    • Lawrence


      • michael

        …is the worst rapper on the list. dont worry i finished your sentence.

        • Tyler

          If you think hopsin is the worst rapper on this list ten you have no business listening to hip hop.

          • Lizza

            How the hell does everyone have a bachelors in hip hop and can tell whats hip hop and whats not

        • walker

          How is Hopsin the worst? Fyi he got robbed with only one track…

        • Ty

          no future is by far the worst rapper !!

    • bobito

      Hopsin is better than all 3 of them and trust me I listen to all of them…

  • phil

    steve o quit jackass ? )

  • http://@Nostalgia_ brandon

    hopsin did the best

  • danny

    how do i download it pls,?, link anyone?

  • noushi_boi_uk

    big up chip uk representer

  • Joom

    Why the hell do Hopsin and Macklemore only have one song each while French Montana’s wack ass has FIVE. Ya’ll trippin’.

  • colt

    only one macklemore song?!

  • Adam

    Iggy Azalea is the best on here with MGK how Kid Ink made the freshman i do not know.

  • ThrillMurray

    WEAK. Hopsin, Danny Brown, Ab Soul, Macklemore toss the rest away

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  • Dildonius

    Wow what a piece of shit. Hopsin came soft as hell and Macklemore was on a second rate beat. Everything other than that was downhill so thumbs down.

  • krazzed

    absoul and d. brown killed it … big up to hopsin too

  • Mark

    Kid ink sounds great, def will sell mainstream. Iggy-This white chick talkin bout murda? please this chick is such a poser, cant wait till she slips call TI the n-word or the wrong black guy, TI would probly giver her a pass, TI is corny now. Hopsin-Killed it. French Montana-Getting Boring, Don Trip-Boring career over in 2 yrs, Roscoe-Coo, he already hit his peak though. All the white rappers, well since they and got some skills, they can slave master and corny black guy there will never be another Eminem EVER! Get over it Black music execs!!, Future-No future in 2 yrs. Danny brown-Has skills and some longevity. Plus, all these artist now a days do not even wear hip hop clothing, they wear white boy skater stuff, sorry Roca wear, Sean John, Stacey adams, Enyce but time is out. hahh

  • Inkyy

    One , name .. Kid ink . Done

  • jhwg624

    french blows why five songs

  • max`

    Am i the only person that just can’t deal with Hopsin? Kid’s a straight up biter of Em’s style circa 2000-2002. Also, is it bad that i thought Kid Ink was Kirko Bangz for a while? just such an unidentifiable kid.

  • brianj

    how is it a freshman mixtape when Diddy got 4 tracks on here? really XXL? I say Hopsin shouldve gotten those extra 4.

  • mcpherson

    damn the only good rapper ROSCOE DASH only got 1song

  • drummaboi96

    hopsin’s song was too short, and you can tell he’s being held back. and why the hell is macklemore using autotune? he would never do that. i can see why these two are indie. overall, completely disapointing.

  • Cole

    Gotta love how French is on like 5 songs and hop is only on one… real fair.

  • NowThatsDope

    Roscoe ain’t bad, but he’s gay for saying people trying to steal his swag but he on a Drake beat, trying to sound like Drake. Gtfo…

  • NowThatsDope

    Roscoe ain’t bad, but he’s gay for saying people trying to steal his swag but he on a Drake beat, trying to sound like Drake, gtfo. On another note, Hopsin went off on a weak beat and MGK yet again releasing same stupid shit. Quit releasing the same shit everyone has heard 20 million times, you gonna be a deadbeat for sure soon.

  • Luis

    I listened to it, only liked a couple of songs.

    That Hopsin guy killed it in the cypher AND in this song.
    I didint know i would ever say this but XXL made me a fan of someone!

    Hopsin has a bright future, too bad some people get insulted by his opinions lol.

    • Nate Hall

      ikr lol

  • Danny Lopez

    Damn hop went in on Westcoast Eclipse..

  •!/JavanniARamos Javanni A. Ramos

    Kid Ink Had Dha Best Song, “Lost In The Sauce”, On Dat Shit Dont Get Me Wrong Dho All Of Em Killed This Mixtape. #ALUMNI #BATGANG #Eghhh #LostIntheSauce #UpAndAway

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  • andy

    roscoe dash wack ass bit drake’s song completely, no originality and sang pretty much the whole fucking song, i thought it was 10 freshman for hip hop, not r&b

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  • Chris

    What about A$AP Rocky? More DL’s than half of those no-names combined with only one mixtape.

  • Ralph

    Macklemore is filthy on his track. BEST RAPPER OF THE GROUP!!!


    i honestly …honestly looked at the cover and reflexively said “whack” . shit aint hip hop yo . nah , its not.

  • Gizzle

    Future needed more tracks

  • santhosh


  • AGesus

    Everybody on here hating on French Montana needs to get off their high horse and put their backpack down. Just cause people actually listen to you, your musics on the radio, and you dont try to be super lyrical doesnt mean you have no talent. French Montana makes HITS, and if you cant enjoy his music shoot yourself, cause you obviously take life too damn serious and get enjoy yourself..and well that shit must be real depressing.

    And as for hopsin, just cause aint nobody fucking with him and he tries to be super lyrical, emphasis on tries cause his shit is absolute garbage and gimmicky as fuck, doesn’t mean you gotta ride with him. I can’t believe how much support that fool is getting on the comment boards. Think for yourself people dont just fuck with him cause some underground blog told you too.

    As for the rest of the list everybody is pretty mediocre. Iggy Azalea is fucking hot, so good for her. Danny Brown is getting that Blipster love, but he is actually pretty decent. Kid Ink, you know that mother fucker is a flash in the pan with no future and simply part of a current trend. I mean shit, he named himself after the massive tattoo trend thats poppin right now, basing your career on the fact you got a bunch of tats is not much of a selling point, plus that’s like the most unoriginal shit ever, I can’t think of a single rap artist without tattoos except for jay-z, oh yeah and macklemore, so Kid ink way to drop yourself in the middle of an massive pool and do nothing to separate yourself. Roscoe Dash, you were on No Hands with Waka, so I’m gonna give it to you, you deserve to be here of the strength of that one song. One of the greatest catchy fucking hits of the last decade. MGK you were dope, but then i heard more songs and they are all identical, branch out a little with your sound. Future, you suck dick, and a lot of it, but sometimes you just need to listen to ignorant fucking rap, and you are good at that, so tuche. Don Tripp, you’re pretty dope, but you really don’t stand out too much, you aren’t really a breath of fresh air, kinda generic.

    Overall though, Macklemore, you are the best artist on here. Musics dope, its not too preachy and underground, although you did get close with The Otherside. You maintain a nice balance of lyricism and making catchy hip hop music. Keep up the good work. And I saw this dude live before, if he comes to your city check him out, he’s got great live shows and energy.

    • Sean

      Hahah troll much

    • Nate Hall

      hopsin is better than every one else on it

  • jb

    yo wtf how is it danny brown aint got one single fuckin track to himself?!?!?!?!!

    • jb

      ….yet french montana is all over this shit…smFH..

  • SFrepresent

    Black Cobain and Thai shoulda been on there.

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  • Frederik

    DJ who kid, shut the fuck you are ruining all this for everyone…

  • cameron

    They should’ve taken off Future and the Australian bitch and thrown Earl in there.

    • Bill

      agreed earl is fresh

  • Lucas

    can anyone tell me why hopsin only has one track and it is the shortest, he is easliy the best on here.

    • Nate Hall

      ikr i hate that

  • Carl Sweat Shirt

    If we minus the skits, then there are 20 tracks
    20 tracks divided by 10 artists should = 2 tracks per artist
    That ish is unfair

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  • Dylan

    R U kidding me?! Hopsin has 1 song? Best rapper in the 2012 freshmen class gets 1 song? He should have had at least 3. Future sucks.

    • Nate Hall