DJ Khaled Explains Difference Between Artist and DJ Persona

One thing’s for sure: regardless of all his success as an artist/producer, DJ Khaled is always going to be a DJ.

The music mogul still plays every Friday on radio station 99 Jams in Miami (although he cut his time down from spinning every week day to six hours on Fridays) and says that despite his tireless schedule of recording songs for his own albums, acting as one of Rick Ross’ A&R’s, Executive Producing projects for Ace Hood and doing shows, the Wheels of Steel will never be in his rear view.

“I’ll never stop DJing,” Khaled recently told  ”That’s my passion and that’s my heart and it helps me with music. I’m always gonna be DJing. When I’m in the club and when I do shows, I do two different types of shows. There’s two different fees. You have the ‘DJ Khaled Show’ then you have DJ Khaled. So, you can get Khaled on the turntables or you can get him as a performer on the mic.”

“Promoters get the options of picking DJ Khaled or ‘The DJ Khaled Show,’” he further explained. ‘The DJ Khaled Show,’ you get everything. It’s like, one of your headliners at every show and he’s ripping it down. And it doesn’t have to be with the artists. My records are made a certain way so when I go out there… I don’t know if you ever seen a Swizz Beatz show. We put collages of our records. Our records are crowd responsive, that’s orchestrated by a Khaled.”

And of course Khaled will have plenty of new material to spin or perform. He’s working on a brand new LP titled Kiss The Ring that drops in the coming months. He’s already released the first single, “Take it to The Head,” which features Chris Brown, Rick Ross , Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. This week, Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex premiered a brand new record Khaled is a part of, Kanye West’s “Theraflu.”—Shaheem Reid

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  • ess

    i have yet to see or hear him scratch like a REAL dj

  • tim

    How the hell can you have a DJ Khaled show. I can only imagine dude goes on stage and yells “WE THE BEST’ every time he has a yelling part opening and closing the song, and then letting the speakers play the actual song while he hops around on stage.

  • Did I Just Say That

    he is the most annoying person in hip hop

    ever time i hear his fake put on voice i feel like going crazy

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  • Brand-New

    I think it’s a damn shame that the under 20 year old crowd can look at this guy as a top notch DJ, but yet have no idea who Jazzy Jeff or Mixmaster Mike are. Real DJ’s with real DJ skills.

  • tnt

    Does he even own any turntables? Never seen him spinning yet. Or… forget about spinning, I’m dying to see a photo of him on decks!