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  • FvckSwag

    i heard everything except “BE A GOOD RAPPER” smh fail..

  • matt

    of so i guess actually doing anything involved with making good music is’nt a requirement oh well then i think ill get my grandma to wear cloths that people wanna wear and spam her shit around the internet until she makes the cover


    honestly, i could give a fuck about if some random du’s think I’m freshman worthy . look who y’all picked out for the freshman this year. so you think just cuz i don’t got 22 million followers on twitter my shit aint real?? damn. keep your eyes open we gone see. Remember the artist that don’t wanna do a shoot at your dumbass magazine and you’ll know who’s really coin hip hop like its suppose to . xxl. ha . step your game up.

  • Jordan$

    XXL does okay with their selection process. However, there remain two artists that should have been selected to represent this years freshman class. They are, Jon Connor and Chip The Ripper. Anyone agree?

  • wat

    ^ I don’t agree. Those two don’t have as big followings as Action Bronson and ScHoolboy Q.

  • GoneMoon

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