Diddy & Shyne Reconnect At Fashion Week [Photo]

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  • G’z Up

    Shyne doesn’t look happy to be with Diddy lol. Cassie and Shyne should be a couple, weird looking muthafuckas hahaha

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    lol, they look great together man….Black is beautiful…wow

  • CaponeMOB

    SMH @ shyne when in the hell are people goin to realize religion is nothing more then a tool to control people and make money outta them? and if you half assed “religious people” thats goin to comment back at me,before yall say some dumb shit,consider this. theres EVIDENCE that all MAJOR religions come from ONE SOURCE. and that source is AFRICA and ancient IRAQ(there related). which back then was called mesopotamia. the christians, jews,muslims, all copied from older religions and did a lil REMIX changed a few names here and there,and came out with NEW religions that were utilized by KINGS to control people. all the original beleif systems ARE GONE. even jesus christ disliked religion,but ironically he was turned into a religion. thats why it pains me and i just SMH @ niggaz like shyne that i like, get involved with religion so deep,that the nigga cant even marry the chick that held him down all these years that he was locked up,plus the nigga cant even shave or eat certain foods. if religion is yo thing,cool,but dont let that shit limit you in life,and DONT SHOVE your beleives down our throats,or your poor kids throats. and out of all religions the nigga picked the jews SMH
    if yall dont beleive what i said, then UTILIZE GOOGLE. and please dont tell me im goin to hell,or that google is from the “Devil” LMAO @ the fake religious fundamentalist.

    we want the 2000 shyne back.

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  • http://Xxl OG Kush

    Shyne looks nuttier than a squirrel turd! Im glad he found religion but those side burns kill it! does he have to bust that hat tho?