Dedication [Feature From the March 2012 Issue]

How come there has been only one Lil’ Cease album?

It was just label situations. It was nobody really guiding me, showing me how to do it. The only one I could trust with showing me what to do was Big. People I thought that was my friends, they didn’t really show me those ins and outs. Atlantic released me. They didn’t even drop me or nothing. But I was still under Queen Bee at the time, and I was trying to get out of that deal, because we wasn’t on good terms, and that took a while. So it took me a while just to learn on my own and figure out what I wanted to do. That’s what the workout did for me: It pulled me out of that hole. That shit gave me that clear head to think about the plan I wanted to do. It was a point where I just didn’t make music for three or four years.

Why did you take so much time off from music?

I didn’t know how to start or begin. I wasn’t dealing with Puff too much. Me and Kim wasn’t speaking. D-Roc was in jail. C-Gutta was in jail. Big was dead. The only thing I had was my blood family. And my sisters and brothers was like, “Fuck that rap, you gotta get your ass a job.” Their whole shit was, if Big ain’t here to help you, leave that shit alone.

But that was something I felt I needed to do. ’Cause if I just sit here and let that shit go, what did Big write them rhymes for me for? I’m not going to stop until I’m comfortable enough to where he’ll be like, “Ya know what? You did as much as you can do.” I’m not going to stop, ’cause I feel like I’d be letting down everything that that nigga put us in that position for. I can’t let it just go out on that stale note.


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  • IROC

    Good to see this dude ride for his boy even in death thats a true freind , just to bad he can not rap he gets a F plus maybe he can produce some up and coming artist, BIG knew only KIM had skills and junior mafia didnt, thats why they didnt make it. plus Diddy wasnt going to waste a dime on them

  • Nino

    Caese a true friend! R.I.P BIG

  • Fat Slim

    Lil Cease a good dude (don’t know all the facts about the Lil Kim situation, hopefully dude kept it 100). however, I can say that if Biggie does not die than he’s like what Ty, Ty is to Jiggia; so, that means he has a couple of stacks in the bank. I know he (Cease) still feeling that pain emotionally and financially.

  • niggers

    fuck niggers