Odd Future member and one-half of The Internet, Syd the Kyd has been under a lot of scrutiny lately for her crew's misogynistic tendencies.

The openly gay 19-year-old producer/artist, who's been an integral part of the Odd Future crew since its rise to fame, was recently criticized by Tom Tom Magazine's editor Mindy Abovitz after taking offense to the artist's "Cocaine" music video. In the video, Syd is seen snorting lines, popping pills, and in the end throwing her female passenger out of her truck and onto the dirt ground. Abovitz, who cancelled a feature piece on the the Odd Future member because of the controversial video, stated, "We finally have an empowered, talented, young black queer female artist and she is performing and presenting as a misogynistic dude."

"Perhaps we need to take the limelight off the artists that are doing us a disservice," she continued.

This comes after Syd appeared in a profile article for Out Magazine where she was dubbed as "Hip-Hop's Next Lesbian Icon." In the piece, the artist seemed poised at not conforming to the critics' perception of who she should be and rather those people focus on her work.

“All the stuff that people got mad about, I just took with a grain of salt,” she says. “I respect everyone’s argument, but at the same time, I have counter arguments. “People like me, and they want me to be flattered. I’ll try my best, but I think my biggest message to them would be, ‘Don’t make gender a big deal. Let your work speak for itself.’ My message is, ‘Be you. I’m gonna be me, watch me be me. You might not agree with everything I do or say, but I hope that I can inspire you to say what you want and do what makes you feel happy.’”—Ralph Bristout