Nicki Minaj ‘Starships’ vs Lil Kim ‘If You Love Me:’ Who Had The Best Single?

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim both dropped new singles this week, and both strayed a little bit from the hip-hop aesthetic. Nicki’s “Starships” single found the Young Money rapper bopping along to an upbeat dance track, while Kim’s Valentine Day ode “If You Love Me” finds the Brooklyn veteran venting about a no good dude, against a pop friendly beat with just a hint of auto-tune. Who do you think had the best single this week? Hit the poll after the jump to vote. Read more…

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  • Ritchie

    Kim! Nicki is Horrible… No Real raps.
    Just cheesy pointless words and repeats.

  • Andy Zaldana

    Nicki ……………………….

  • Blanca

    Kim obviously, Nicki Minaj’s career is on a steep track to nowhere :(

  • JaMarr

    If anyone thought that crap kim did was good then they have horrible taste in music I honestly could of came up with that shit its so elaborate its not even music… Nicki’s Starships was way better and everyone knows it, they just want to deny it because they Hate Nicki its quite pathetic and immature really but thats your problem you’ll have to face. Nicki uses intellect in her music something Kim obviously lacks. Im sorry to give all you HATERS the truth but NICKI IS THE NEW QUEEN! SHE IS WAY BETTER THAN KIM! AND THE SOONER YOU REALIZE IT THE SOONER YOU CAN GET OVER YOUR HATE AND BECOME A BETTER PERSON!! Fucking retards



  • OBEY

    nicki was better, kim needs to go back to hardcore shit and leave the pop world to nicki & WHY THE FCK IS KIM TRYING TO SING?!

  • Red

    Lil Kim was betta even thou I like Kim hard core shyt the best…and I thought nicki was a rapper? Y the f-ck is she trying to be brittney spears? That’s not even hip hop…I bet biggie and tupac are shakin there heads at the commercial a– hip hop now…

  • MinajFanYeahRight!!!

    Lil Kim is soooo much better than ms minaj nicki clone kim sytle! but besie all the beef or whatever Kim just is better