Kanye West’s Grammys: By The Numbers

The 54th annual Grammy Awards are set to go down this Sunday (February 12), and, as expected, Kanye West is up for quite a few trophies this go-round—seven to be exact.

The Chi-Town talent has an awe-inspiring history with the ceremony. Ever since dropping his debut album, The College Dropout, in 2004, Mr. West has been a mainstay at the event, amassing a ridiculous amount of the golden gramophones.

People usually get caught up in Yeezy’s less than stellar track record at said awards shows, but when it comes to the stats, the man responsible for the boastful track, “Grammy Family,” isn’t playing when it comes to his accolades. He is the one to beat. As his partner in rhyme, Jay-Z, famously said, “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.”

With that being said, XXL is proud to present, “Kanye’s Grammy By The Numbers.” That shit cray!—XXL Staff (@xxlstaff)

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  • keator

    If rihanna loud is up for Album of the year, than MBDTF needs to be nominated as well

    • Donte

      MBDTF has to be one of the biggest grammy snubs ever, i mean i dont know how adele is walking away with everything when her album was average she defiantly can sing and she defiantly has the song of the year….but fuck the grammys they dont ever know what they’re doing we are talking about a panel who nominated FLORIDA for rap album of the year

      • $nake

        For reals

  • canadasmost

    hip hop should boycott the grammys . see how many people tune in after that they snubbed to many real mcs .illmatic doesnt have a grammy enough said .my beautiful dark twisted fantasy is better than every album in the best albums catagory .

  • john doe

    No big winners in hip hop at grammy’s this year. Rap is over. Just like the rise and fall of hair metal/rock in the 80′s, (poison,warrant). We are seeing rap die. That’s because it’s trend music. A fad music that really should have died 10 years ago. Pack up your samplers, laptops, and sequencers, real musicians are coming back…. And if you don’t know now ya know nigga……

    • tyler

      Lol damn dude youre soo cool, i just want to just research stuff and not actually listen to the music just like youu. youre the most awesomest non-douche bag guy ever.

  • http://www.ghanacypher.com Ghana Cypher

    That’s ‘sup! Kanye keep making hip hop proud!!!