Young Buck Drops New Mixtape, Live Loyal, Die Rich [Download Now]

Young Buck returns with his new mixtape, Live Loyal, Die Rich. Teaming up with DJ Crisis and Drumma Boy, the 20-track tape features a slew of guest appearances including The Outlawz and more. Download Buck’s latest offering here

1. 2nd Chance [Prod. By Bassline] (4:58)
2. Shit Head [Prod. By Celsizzle] (4:30)
3. Somethings Got Me On It [Prod. By Jussi Jaakola] (4:30)
4. Go Loco (Feat. Tha City Paper) [Prod. By Freeway TJay] (3:48)
5. No Place For Me [Prod. By Celsizzle] (2:43)
6. Money In The Walls [Prod. By 3Fifty7] (3:24)
7. Drug Related [Prod. By A One] (3:22)
8. Death Of Me [Prod. By Celsizzle] (3:07)
9. Touch The Ceilings (Feat. Starlito) [Prod. By Lil Lody] (4:28)
10. Personal (Feat. Cruna) [Prod. By DJ Pain] (3:24)
11. Car Clowdy (Feat. The Outlawz) [Prod. By Freeway TJay] (4:42)
12. Think They Know [Prod. By Drumma Boy] (3:39)
13. Closer (Feat. Goapele & Hambino) [Prod. By Hitmaka] (4:18)
14. Hate On Me [Prod. By Celsizzle] (3:32)
15. No Smiles [Prod. By Drumma Drama] (3:42)
16. Touchdown (Feat. CTN) [Prod. By Celsizzle] (4:41)
17. 21 & Up [Prod. By J-Mac & 4th Quarter] (3:14)
18. Get It All [Prod. By Lil Lody] (3:20)
19. Dusted (Feat. Bezzled Gang) [Prod. By Syksense] (4:31)
20. I’m Ready [Prod. By Boss Devito] (4:39)

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  • Jogrind

    Buck, Buck, Buck!!!!

    1st Track Buck Back,,,, nuff ssaid about this track
    2nd track DOPE
    3rd Track DOPE
    4th track NICE
    5th Track This is SICK………..DOPE-NESS
    6TH track Real SHit
    7th Track Bangin

    No need to review further after skimmin thru,
    Buck Back, He spoke his mind on this MixTape..
    Good Look for buck to come back strong like this

    Ovrall Strong 10 for the come back 20 str8 Bangerzzzzzzz

  • black jesus

    *dead* at the title.

    if this broke nigga is gonna die rich, i guess hes gonna have to lead a long ass life first

    • Jogrind

      I guess stabbing niggas in the chest and getting attempted murder charges at the Vibe Awards doesn’t count for much when it come to loyalty now a days. smh

      I think the title means that loyalty not money is what makes one truly rich

      “Some of these niggas are bitches too,dey doing da same shit these bitches do”, real shit Buck!!

  • http://xxl BIGED

    only a dumb nigger would think he is broke.. just cuz shit aint in his name dont mean he aint got it.. im sure hes got a stash, smarten the fuc up already cuz he still has more than u…o ya fuck young money, nobody cares about a homo that wears capri pants

    • Katy

      cosign, broke niggas calling other niggas broke like 50 stanning on the blogs got him stacks!!!

  • black jesus

    “only a dumb nigger would think he is broke”

    word, shout out to buck for filling for bankruptcy


    • Jogrind

      @Black Fool….. He is finally out of that contract through bankruptcy!!!!! Wall-Street and Donald Trump do it all the time.

      It is how “Big Businesses” get out of Union contracts!!!!!! Bankruptcy voids contractual obligations!!!!!

      • black jesus

        LOL! buck is that you? i thought the public library closed at 6?

        hahaha nah, but the main difference between buck and trump is that trump has never had his childrens toys repossessed lol

        • Jogrind

          But Buck has car(s) in Nashville and he has money. I SEEN THE NIGGA THE OTHER DAY AND IF THAT WAS BROKE THEN YOU’RE BROKE IN HALF DOG. You can’t tell me he broke!!! I JUST SEEN THE NIGGA BALLING!!!

          Maybe it isn’t in his name but the nigga is still got bread from somewhere. Ask anybody in Nashville.

          BJ you are broke dude!!! Be real about it.

          • Jrash87

            hes flipping white an sellin mj ain’t he? That’s why he ain’t broke, hometowns always look after their own, the fellas helped him out now he pumpin goods. Unless he workin at maccas lol. I’m guessing your from nashville? What’s the word on that nigga? He gotta be selling..

  • Pillz

    The realest track is “Something Got Me On It”.. Back on my bs!

  • tim

    mixtape title is already contradictory…live loyal by going against ur former general????
    nigga is a joke man

  • Edmonton AB, Canada

    This mixtape is fuckin ill.