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    <em>XXL</em> Readers Pick Best of 2011
    Putting together year-end lists is always difficult, yet fun. It’s exciting to look back on the last 12 months to debate and crown the best and worst, but it’s also often a challenge come up with the order. To cap of 2011, <em>XXL</em> compiled more than a dozen lists, from the Top Songs to MVPs to Biggest Comebacks. Readers also got a chance to weigh in by voting in the polls. Here, check out what <em>XXL</em>'s readers picked for the Best of 2011. —<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • tyler
    He's still trying his hardest to offend you.
    "As before though, his candor can veer into uncomfortable, eyebrow-raising territory. 'IFHY' is a typical Tyler love song, which is to say it’s hostile and abrasive and unlikely to result in actual love. In it he veers between bliss and threats to a woman he wants and her new man: 'Make sure you never meet again like goddamn vegans/’cause when I hear your name I cannot stop cheesing.'"
  • yelawolf
    <strong>What was the best album of 2011?</strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> Said:</strong> Jay-Z and Kanye West, <em>Watch The Throne</em><br /><strong><em>XXL</em> Fans Voted:</strong> Yelawolf, <em>Radioactive</em> (41%)<br /><strong>Total Votes:</strong> 28,172
  • Wale-1
    <strong>What was the best mixtape of 2011?</strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> Said:</strong> Big K.R.I.T., <em>Return of 4Eva</em><br /><strong>XXL Fans Voted:</strong> Wale, <em>The Eleven One Eleven Theory</em> (32%)<br /><strong>Total Votes:</strong>13,839
  • Kendrick-Lamar
  • hitboy-image
    <strong>What was the hottest beat of 2011?</strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> Said:</strong> Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Niggas In Paris” (Produced by Hit-Boy) <br /><strong><em>XXL</em> Fans Voted:</strong> Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Niggas in Paris” (Produced by Hit-Boy) (34%)<br /><strong>Total Votes:</strong> 4,130
  • drake
    <strong>What was the catchiest hook of 2011?</strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> Said:</strong> Drake on DJ Kahled’s “I’m on One” <br /><strong><em>XXL</em> Fans Voted:</strong> Drake on DJ Khaled’s “I’m on One” (27%)<br /><strong>Total Votes:</strong> 4,395
  • kendrick-lamar-feature2
    <strong>What was the best guest appearance of 2011?</strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> said:</strong> Busta Rhymes on Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” <br /><strong>How fans voted:</strong> Kendrick Lamar on Game’s “The City” (21%)<br /><strong>Total votes:</strong> 2,912
  • drdre
  • wale-postimage
    <strong>Who made the biggest comeback in 2011? </strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> said:</strong> N/A<br /><strong>How fans voted:</strong> Wale (37%)<br /><strong>Total votes:</strong> 2,740
  • dj-ill-will
    <strong>Who was the top DJ of 2011?</strong><br />
    <strong>What <em>XXL</em> Said:</strong> DJ Khaled<br /><strong><em>XXL</em> Fans Voted:</strong> DJ Ill Will (51%)<br /><strong>Total Votes:</strong> 5,374

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Best of XXL

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    Have to agree with the fans concerning the best video. Or at least disagree with “Otis”, which just seemed random

  • Taylor Gang

    RADIOACTIVE??????? im sorry Marshall but you shoulda got someone that could push more than 50k that ish was not as good as i expected! i mean if an indy can push 150k first week without any label backing how could you take that album over it?

    • Snake

      Its more the labels fault for not promoting it more not yela’s PS. I thought the album was dope and it looks like lots of others felt the same.


      Quit hatin, sells dont always equal quality. Wolf is slept on in a major way .The problem was he wasnt pushed and hyped like most up and comin artists are. I dodnt care how much he sold, dude is fuckin raw and better than half the garbage gettin airplay.


    I like Ye’s and Jay’s music a lot but these editor’s really LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE them cuz they took almost all of the categories…

  • TRUE

    SIR SKIP you hit the nail on the head. Can we as fans please get some voters that dont get on their knees for jay-z and kanye embarasment west? please?

  • fastflipper

    dre and em video was wack is was a 5m publicity

    and ill will was for sure the dj of the year


    ^^^Obviously you fall into the minority with the Dre video opinion. l

  • olav

    158 people had an opinion about best verse of 2011. 4000 had an opinion about best video.

  • ThatNiqqaBo

    Kendrick Lamar’s Section .80 album was THE best hands down .

  • mee23

    Kendrick and yela shoulda just taken all of these. WTT was over rated