XXL Lists 20 Rap References Saluting the NFL’s AFC/NFC Championship Teams

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    The 20 Best NFL AFC/NFC Rap References
    Ready for some football? Rappers have <i>been</i> ready! With a trip to the Superbowl on the line this weekend during the National Football League's AFC and NFC championship games, <i>XXL</i> chose to compile the 20 best rap references for the final four teams: The Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers. Touchdown!—<em>XXL Staff</em>
    "Quarterback Weezy, young Tom Brady/Open up your mouth and catch a bomb, baby" —Lil Wayne, “That’s All I Have”
  • webby_landscape
    "Rollin' with a crew of giants like Justin Tuck/So if you really wanna step, better muscle up" -Chris Webby, "Mad Bars"
  • LilWayne
    “And I don't own land baby, I own a landmine/So step on my land and catch a bomb like Anquan” —Lil Wayne, “New Orleans Maniac”
  • lil_wayne2
    "My life is a movie, I got a leading lady/My rooftop drop back like Tom Brady" —Lil Wayne, "Gucci Gucci," <em>Sorry 4 the Wait</em> (2011)
  • Wale_Press_Picture_Latest_resized
    “You niggas mad that you not me/I remain a Giant, and you Jeremy Shockey”–Wale, "Chillin'"
  • Exhibition
    "These niggas ain't playing in New York like the Giants-ha!"-J cole, "Til’ Infinity"
  • nelly-when-i-was-17-e1289901109986
  • lilceaseredhat
    "Play like a New York Giant, then you can get tackled"-Lil Cease, "New York Minute remix"
  • TrifePg2
    "I grind daily, Patriotic like Tom Brady" -Trife, "Paisley Darts"
  • CyHi_The_Prynce_Feelin_It
    "And a sack of purple, we smoke that Ed Reed"-CyHi Da Prince, "Stadium"
  • Nicki-Minaj-011
    "I call the play, now do you see why?/These bitches calling me Manning, Eli!/Manning, Eli! These bitches calling me Manning, Eli!"-Nicki Minaj, "Roman's Revenge"
  • Lloyd-Banks8
    "Play me, I'm arm crazy/I'm Tom Brady" -Lloyd Banks, "Let It Go"
  • max-b
    "Niggas tried they best to hurt me, come and catch the birdie/I'm Tom Brady, you a Testeverde/Yeah, old, washed-up with no arm strength" -Max B, "Blow Me A Dub"
  • original.0.jpeg
    "Make ya so-called soldiers just run like Gore/Yeah, Frank that is, from San Francis" -Lil Wayne, "Get High Rule The World"
  • crooked-i1
    <h2>Crooked I Born 9/23/1978</h2>
  • Lil+Wayne
    "Stack of paychecks with a whole bunch of commas, Still wear red like an old 49er/Fuck shittin' on ya, dump the whole toilet on ya/Weezy F baby, bitch I'm hotter than Uganda" -Lil Wayne, "YM BANGER"
  • joebudden-3-1
    "But everybody’s run stops, ask Brandon Jacobs"-Joe Budden, "Remember The Titans"
  • Joe-Budden-5616x3744-1024x682
    "Know me, a New Jerz Giant bought a crib next to Osi" -Joe Budden, "Boy Looka Here Freestyle"
  • Joe Budden Toronto
    "You know I'm a rap Giant, why Plax yourself" -Joe Budden, "Pain In My Life"

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  • Andrew

    “Give me daylight and I’m Ray Rice on a run play.” – Los – Run This Town (Freestyle)

    • CaponeMOB

      man,those are some horrible pictures from lil wayne,he looks like a 2 dollar crack head whore. but i think the giants are winning plus the patriots.

  • DJ

    “Snap niggas quick as brady wit no huddle” – Los – I Luv it (Freestyle)

  • D90

    “either rap or get a job protectin birds, Ray Lewis” -Jag-Gorilla in the Drumline

  • Nels

    “Street patriot, i get Bill Belichecks” Red Cafe

  • DannyG

    Wale has so many sports references, he should of been here way more times then wayne, “They say I’m special as Devin Hester on fourth down/So all that shit you niggas kicking we ain’t worried about”