Whose Line Is It Anyway?

When it comes to rap lyrics it’s all about word play. Who can flip their vernacular the best. With that being said, XXL has crafted a new trivia game utilizing that concept called, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” XXLMag.com will provide you with the lyrics and you hit the comments section up with the answers. Hint: It’s not Shaggy. Take a shot dawgy.

1) You know the one with the whips, that’s me.

That’s who _________?

2) The way you walk, that’s me.

That’s who _________?

3) The one with the yay for 23, that’s me.

That’s who _________?

4) The way you talk, that’s me.

That’s who _________?

5) The one with the toast, pants saggy, yelling out, ‘get at me’
Get at me, nigga, That’s me.

That’s who _________?

6) The way you’ve got your hair up, did you forget that’s me.

That’s who _________?

7) The one with mad guns, that’s me.

That’s who _________?

8) And the voice in your speaker right now, that’s me

That’s who _________?

[Answers: 1, 3, 5, 7 - Cam'ron "That's Me"

2, 4, 6, 8 - Drake "Shot For Me"]

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  • Bronxxx

    Killa Cam!

    • AnteK


  • Moss


  • Spade

    Dhats Drake I forgot what song though o__0

  • Robb

    Drake “Shot for Me”

  • Jon Dog

    Why don’t you guys pick some lyrical emcee’s?? Fuckin’ XXL, so predictable, riding main streams dick. Fuck Drake and Fuck Cam. Geez!!

  • http://twitter.com/ray_holladay @rayholladay

    thats cam on either sde or confessions of fire fuck out here talkin bout thats drake.

  • roc city

    Jon Dog —- you’re obviously a clown if you don’t believe Cam is lyrical. People can never separate personal feelings from actual facts.

  • young block

    drake…… this was good concept executed totally wrong….try again


    cam cannot spit. is he even the best in his group Roc City? Drake always rappin bout some bitch, who of course, we really don’t care about anyway. I’mma need him to rap about something other than bitches, yea him and Kanye too. If bitches never existed where would they be?

  • young block

    this was good concept that was executed completely fuckin wrong….xxl needs to stop having stapler fights in the office and actually use they fuckin brains next time…… do some thought provoking artists lyrics….not no radio songs do some album cuts from redman early wu tang biggie nas az jay-z kurupt eminem jadakiss g rap rakim lil wayne (mixtape weezy) bdp bdk big pun lupe….just to name a few…..smdh

    • R.Antonia

      If b*tch*s never existed they wouldn’t be alive dumb azz…. SMDH…

  • young block

    no shots thrown but cam isn’t in roc city him and vado are in the U.N.

  • Paul

    Thats Me By Killa Cam. BIG track!!!

  • mike

    That’s Cam on That’s Me off the SDE album some thought it was a dra-gon diss

  • boss

    8) definitely drake- shot for me

  • http://Xxlmag.Com Da Big D

    Phuk Who Eva Dat Dnt Lyk Killa Cam!. Camron Da Boss Of Bosses In Diz Rapsht!. KING JOFFEE,Baby!!!. Camron Was Da Only Mc 2 Defeat 50Cent!!!. Shout Out 2 G UNIT &DIPSET!!!. N.Y WILL RULE RAP 4 EVA!. HANDS DOWN!!!.

  • Matt

    Drake: take a shot for me

  • billyyesimblack

    agree with jon dog….niggas dont comprehend lyrical shit. drake is a rapper now kendrick lamar and yelawolf are some fuckin emcees and so is j cole and krit

  • LEE

    Is everyone slow?

    It is both Cam & Drake. The lines alternate.

    And XXL you lose for this. Someone needs to get fired.