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  • norcal

    DRE like really with these 2 knockleheads C-MON MAN

  • Bpayne

    Lol, Dre looks like he really aint feelin Ross @ all, lol look like ross set the pic up and dre won’t even trying to be in it

  • http://RickRossisfakeassmark Dutrilla77

    Please do not associate with these hip hop’s worst garbage collective. Will somebody please put a bullet in this fake clown’s ass to show him how real it is.Fuckin fake ass bitch needs to be dealt with and beat down.

  • BrothaLynchHung530

    are those pit stains on dre???????? awkwaaaarrrrddddd!!!!!!

  • atown don

    Y r the brokest people the most bitter??? Y r the brokest people the biggest haters??? Dutrilla 77 & norcal would u guys, girls, animals or whatever you are hiding behind the computer screen please answer this question for me… From my history if you not a relevant or hot artist Dre wont even work with you thats y he aint rockn wit 50 anymore.. So obviously Rozay must be doin something right.. & Dutrilla 77 dude you rantin like a female, like its personal!! MR NOBODY calm down & go listen to SWEAR TO GOD on the RICH FOREVER MIXTAPE IT WAS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU….


      Just shut the fuck up and go have lunch at Mc D’s with the fat boys if they are so great. Rap now days=lets support actors who wanna rap and steal real life drug dealers names and act we are them.Or lets drink as much syrup as we can and ramble on the mic and watch it sell millions, fuck! Rap has turned to shit for the most part.I fuckin hate it.

    • land lord

      I totally agree. Dude was talkin about somebody should’ve murked Ross by now or whatever but he’s typing about it like he’s reppin 4 thugs on a whole nother level. GTFOH!! I bet Rozay+Dre cooked up something marvelous

  • alderman j

    Its obvious to anybody with some sense that more than one person was taking the pic and everybody was looking at one camera, if i was a HATER, i would say it looked like DRE didnt want to be in the picture!!! YALL REALLY NEED TO GET A LIFE!!


    Please for the sake of what is left of real good hip hop music, DRE- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dont fuck with these fuckin clowns.Take their money give them a shittty ass beat and wipe your ass with the money and send it back to them.

  • black jesus

    they were probably working out together, it looks like rozay has lost some weight.

  • mysteryGod

    Despite all the doubts about Ross’ past he a real hip hop dude with skills…and the dude appreciate all the real rap cats that put it down before him.

  • Tru Talk

    I don’t care what no one say Dr. Dre is a str8 bitch now… yea he’s all buffed up but he’s a punk

  • jr88

    dre really must be mad about 50 headphones…lol…i mean slim said dre and jimmy was pissed but damn….lol….dre is playing himself to work with this fraud but i guess he wants to work with them….smh

  • french

    fuck rick ross !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rick is agent police !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    DRE have so much level to work wit this dummie. i like rozay but is not a good mix.

  • Rich Porter

    Dog its all about the music. I really don’t care about they personal life Ross make good music he may be posing but 95% of rappers do. Dre is a musical genious Ross is a Lyrical beast.