Five Rappers Not Worth Drake’s Subliminal Jabs

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    Five Rappers Not Worth Drake's Subliminal Jabs
    "Diss me, you'll never hear a reply for it," Drake raps on <em>So Far Gone</em>'s "Successful." The Toronto rapper kept his word until recently. Last week, Rick Ross released his latest mixtape, <em><a href="">Rich Forever</a></em>, featuring "<a href="">Stay Schemin</a>"—a song on which the Young Money star subliminally jabs back at Common. Com had previously taken shots at Drake on "Sweet" and confirmed that <a href="">Drizzy was the song's target</a> on Sway's Sirius Satellite morning show. Com isn't the first one to bait Drake, but he's surely the first one to do it successfully. Heartbreak Drake has been sort of a punching bag since the release So Far Gone, but he's consistently addressed jabs via Twitter and interviews, never on record. takes a look at five rappers who called Drake out unsuccessfully.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • lilkimsubliminals
    Lil' Kim
    This particular tiff started when Ray J and Lil' Kim indirectly addressed the Queen Bee's feud with Nick back during a New York City concert in 2010. Soon after, Drake weighed in on MTV's <em>Sucker Free</em>—offering that Kim wasn't handling her friction with Minaj like a G. Kim fired back by calling Drake a pussy, but when asked to respond, the Young Money rapper downplayed Kim's latest shots and focused on promoting his newly released debut album, <em>Take Care</em>.
  • ludacrisfeature
    Luda surprisingly dissed Drake and Big Sean on "Bada Boom" off his mixtape <em>1.21 Gigawatts: Back to the First Time</em> Mixtape last November. "Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing their flows, but I can’t steal what you never made up, bitch," he raps on the track. Luda took issue with Sean saying that one of his "My Chick Bad" lines was a bad example of the supa dupa flow during an interview back in 2010. Drizzy subliminally addressed the matter on Twitter. "@BigSean You awlready know. I wish they'd just let young n*ggas live...respect always," he wrote.
  • pushatsubliminalsfeature
    Pusha T
    Talk of Pusha T allegedly dissing Drake quickly spread when the Clipse MC leaked his "Don't Fuck With Me" freestyle over Drake's "Dreams Money Can Buy" instrumental last October. "Rappers on their sophomore actin' like they're boss lords," Pusha rhymes, later adding, "the swag don't match the sweaters." Drake didn't take offense and addressed the alleged jabs during an interview with Hot 97's Funkaster Flex. "First of all I never really had any interaction with Pusha T so for him to diss me would be purely issues that he’s having within himself,” Drake told Flex. Push visited Flex a week later and denied the diss. “You’re never gonna hear me say that I was dissin’ Drake or anything like that, I actually like him,” he said. No shots!
  • beaniesigelfeature
    Beanie Sigel
    Beans clearly didn't appreciate Drake featuring Jay-Z on "Light Up" off his 2010 debut, <em>Thank Me Later.</em> Soon after the track leaked, the Broad Street Bully took to YouTube to take his former boss to task and Drizzy got caught in the crossfire. "Smack the shit out of Drake bitch ass," Beans shouted in the clip. Drake never addressed Beans's threat.
  • kanyewestfeature
    Kanye West
    Rumors recently surfaced that Kanye caused Drake's <em>Take Care</em> to get pushed back three weeks because he deliberately waited too long to clear samples. Drake's yet to address the alleged foul play.

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  • styles p ghost 914

    ‘Smack the shit out of drakes bitch ass’ no shit he never responded to beanie that guy dont play even jay with all his money and security dont want it with beans only ones ever took it to sigel were the lox

    • diamond


    • v

      any jab that is subliminal isnt worth it…drake a pussy for that…get out there nd tell a mothafucka how you feel just like i did PUSSY BOI

  • sety

    Luda’s diss not worth a response from drake for Luda’s BADA BOOM?.. LOL RIIIIIGHT(DR. EVIL VOICE) MAAAAN , only reson drake aint resoned to that is cause he cant,, unlike others, Luda got it him, period. whats Drake gonna come back with after that?

  • Kanye West

    So what samples did I hold i’m not on the credits of that album anywhere at all nor did I work on that album? XXL what is the source of this slander?

    Thanks in advance

  • fastflipper

    drake is not my fav rapper

    but almost all the mcs dissing him are washed up


    • swype-matic

      Luda is washed up? Last time I checked it wasn’t too long ago he had smash hits from his last album (my least fave from his, but still), is doing loads of movies, on features, and is really using rap for fun right now (like Common & Ice Cube). Exactly who old are you for saying that, cause u couldn’t be any more than 14 saying that.

    • superbad

      Co-sign. There’s nothing to suggest kanye actually held back any samples. He made one of drakes biggest records off his last album, and directed a video from so far gone, he was photographed hanging out with weezy at a basketball game and jay congratulated drake on take cares first week sales. all of the other rappers are nowhere near as hot. Kim made some desperate mixtape all aimed at nikki, that she apparently made a million dollars off, yet i challenge anyone to name one song from it. ludacris fell off since his first four albums, and he’s just not as popular as he once was. pusha’s sick, but he’s albums never sold well when he was in clipse and now he’s tryna get some buzz for his good music debut, and don’t even get me started on beans.

      it’s kinda sad to see people i used to look up to (when i was younger) acting like bratty kids now, i know it’s a business but it always comes across desperate.

  • nujerz

    Throw in Jay Electonica on stage saying he bust Drake ass on the mic or Cormega stating people like Drake should rap in an interview….

    All dope MC’s further proof that Drake is fucking wack and a pussy…

  • Lilpkaibrown

    idk if drake shoulda shot bk at common though, he aint a strong enough mc to battle him.. but best believe them drak butt plugs gone write em off.

  • SickSerious

    That nigga Drake aint shit real rappers dont respect him because he aint worth the respect in a couple years he will just be remembered as another bad fad……go back to singing for the hoes u little pussy!!

  • What?

    the kanye west shit was a rumor made up by mediatakeout, everybody knows who legit their shit is. I’m a fan of Drake and Common so I’m kind of interested on how this beef is going to turn out, since both of their camps intermingle i.e. Kanye and Lil Wayne, Common and Tyga (don’t understand how that happened), Kanye and Drake, Big Sean and Drake, Big Sean and Tyga, Big Sean and Nicki

  • It’s just business

    It’s kinda like professional wrestling. Both camps talked to each other about a potential beef between the 2 mc’s. No offense to Pusha, I fucks wit him, but Common is more of a face (John Cena) with the public & a feud with an a star with real credibility could sale more than… Neither guys will “win”, that’ll be for us to decide, but it’ll be a win-win for both guys image.

  • jr88

    badda boom is in the history book!!! everything luda said was fact in that diss!!! no killing or im gonna shoot you but just real bars that more than likely made drake cry….lol


    Niggas should get off of Drake’s dick. Seriously. Like if you don’t like a nigga why all the extra energy to make it known. What has this nigga done to you for you to feel the need to voice the shit…RAPPERS AND NIGGAS IN COMMENT SECTIONS.

  • o.skino

    i don’t give a flying F8CK how washed up people may think Pusha T is… he can rap LYRICAL CIRCLES around DRAKE… and has had more CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED rap albums than DRAKE. he might have not sold as much, but like KRS-1 said… “These other MC’s is hopless/ Thinking record sales make you the dopest!!!”

  • Fireforreal

    Drake is a bitch who when REALLY confronted plays the roll like I got no problems with you,it’s the media etc…… Then later around his peers wayne,ross,Nicki he’s like they haten because I’m sellin records and there not. He even said some slick to Hov about jacking his idea for a joint album he was going to do with wayne by doing his with Kanye lol Let me guess Meth and Red stole his idea also back in 99 right ? lol

  • Jack Meov

    They forgot Fab “We go at niggas mouths, I dont know bout bitches purses” on Lord Knows

  • Paterson NJ

    Drake a fuckin loverboy just bcuz he wit young money wit lil wayne and baby n shit he think he can act hard when he clearly aint i take anybody but drakes side fuckin softy … LOX ALL DAY !!!!!!

  • flavorblade

    The only M.C.’s feeling Drake are the ones getting money off of him or trying to eat off him. Dude is the Manchurian M.C. Dude came in the game with a 5 million dollar mixtape budget, talking about he ain’t signed with nobody, where the money come from? He copies Kanye West’s 808 and Heartbreak production, and licks Lil Waynes rap delivery, admits he can’t sing well live, and the suckers still buy it. The end most be near.

    And 50 Cent a chump. Interscope told him to shut the fuck up concerning Drake and he ain’t said shit since. You would think that him of all people would be all over this; right.

  • diz

    the title of this article must be wrong. It has to be, because every artist that’s mentioned is lyrically better than Drake. The only one who hasn’t put out an album better than him is Pusha, but he still kills drake on the lyrics. This is how f’cked the game is, Lil Wayne is selling more than Drake and he’s using Drakes style and lyrics…and not that this version of wayne is any good either. The point is, Drake can dis them directly or subliminally, but it doesn’t matter if his lyrics are light weight.

  • hiphopdoc

    Fuck the name of this article, it should be called five other rappers would have bodied Drake if he ever responded to them.

  • Propa Ganda

    To & About: Drake and Common
    Remember this; hip hop is not about who’s hard, and who’s a cupcake. It is about money.
    Also, the people who are benefiting from this “Beef” are Drake, Common, Pusha T, Ludacris, and the likes of YMCMB, GOOD, DTP, MMG, and big business.
    Drake and Common are both very intelligent and Bright men, so are there accountants, lawyers, Managers and investors behind them.
    “Beef” equals – a form of marketing to create revenue.
    Really look it up beside LOL or SMH.
    The truth is; Hip Hop died when product placement began. Our favorite Artists are also part of Corporate America now. They sell us products, not just music.
    Drake, you are doing a great job, keep it up. If you don’t respond to Common, he still got a boost. Common, make good music, and be yourself! You had your time. You went to make movies and pursue other interests with all the money you made from “Hip Hop” You left like a dead beat father. I don’t think you can just walk back in and take over?
    Let Drake be him, and compete on a musical level. If you have to bring attention to a dead topic, bring it back with your own music, your style, your sound your lyrics. Don’t piggy back off of Drake, or any other artist doing they’re thing.
    Common; you should be guiding Drake not standing in his way. You are a leader right? Some think a Legend?
    No disrespect, but you aren’t my super hero.
    I learned a lesson today. If you are in a leadership role, be a leader. I mean, really? It has been over 27 years and you are still using the word “nigga” I thought it was offensive? Do you have kids? Do they walk around calling everything a “nigga” or “Bitch”?
    Don’t get me wrong, Drake is no better. However, seeing you paved the way for him/us, I guess we should be thanking you now? Why haven’t you been able to remove the word “nigga” from “Hip Hop”? Or are you fond of the word and embrace it? I mean, Drake embraced “Sweet” if the shoe fits, where it. Right?
    Oh, and Common. If you want to blame anyone for where “Hip Hop” went, you should look at your generation. Some how, you managed to let “Hip Hop” die. So if anyone should be mad. It should be your fans.
    Drake didn’t steal hip hop, it was given away for money.
    Try fight that one….Celebrity……………………….
    Your Friend – Propa Ganda

  • Bobby Deronck

    yo whats up with this kanye shit, they sayin that he held samples too long, drake didnt even have a kanye beat, nor did he sample a kanye song? someone should try to find more info and keep me posted.

  • JCz

    “Then you left and you’re gone “goodbye” lazy, I dont miss you
    Then you signed to a nigga, who signed to a nigga, who signed to another nigga” i think thats harder than the bada boom line… luda goes in on say it to my face on sean and drizzy

  • jakedacrate


  • BlackBuddha

    Drake being bitch multiple times, responds too one, and Im suppose to take the dude seriously? Yeah ok, let the boy enjoy making his money. No love will be given from real people of the hip hop culture.