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    Common Vs. Drake Timeline
    The year has its first full-fledged, lyrical rap beef in the form of Common Vs. Drake. Although it became official this morning (January 9), with Com unabashedly calling out Drizzy on the unofficial remix to the Young Money star's Rick Ross collabo, "Stay Schemin," <i>XXL</i> believes the roots of this rift extend back to the summer of 2011 when Heartbreak Drake was first spotted out with the Chi-town vet's ex, Serena Williams. The two have been volleying jabs back and forth ever since. Here's a look back at the game highlights. Thank later. —<i>XXL Staff</i>
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    August 2011 - Rumors spread that Drake is dating Serena Williams
    Plenty of gossip hit the Interwebs throughout the month of August along with photos that pointed at a possible relationship between Drake and Com's former flame, Ms. Serena Williams. Sites claimed that the two went on vacation together and there was even a tweet from Drizzy to Serena that said "‘I Can’t Wait To Put It On You And Make You Sweat… during our match this weekend.” Oooh la la.
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    Nov 2, 2011 - Funkmaster Flex Premieres "Sweet" on Hot 97
    <object width="620" height="315"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="620" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>At the end of the track Com spits these questionable lines, which many believed to be aimed at Drake:<i>"Yeah, man, Y’all niggas man, you soft muthafuckas/Yeah my man, muthafucka/Then come around my crib/You know where I’m from/Some hoe ass niggas/Singing all around me man, la la la/You ain't muthafucking Frank Sinatra/Uh, lil' bitch/Yeah, this the raw right here/This the raw right here nigga/Sweet muthafucka/Sweet ass bitch muthafucka"</i>
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    December 16, 2011 - Drake Calls Out Common At Cali Christmas Concert
    <object width="620" height="315"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="620" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>After getting wind of "Sweet," Drake makes his first public statements about Common: "I'd like to thank all of you who purchased my album it's <i>Take Care</i>, thank you. I'd like to thank L.A. and the whole west coast for showing me love. I will never stop doing this for y'all. I don't give a fuck! If you got something to say to me say it to my motherfucking face nigga. Just 'cause I sing, I'm not no bitch. If you got something to say, I'm right here."
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    December 20, 2011 - Common Responds to Drake Comments
    <object width="620" height="315"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="620" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>In an interview with Sway, Com says "Sweet" is indeed about Drake and responds to the Young Money star's onstage jabs just days earlier. "Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants, all that subliminal, you can do that too. But you might want to say that now," he said. "I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, it’s like you can’t help but think about dude, and that’s what he felt. So at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it."
  • 40tweets-gallery
    December 20, 2011 - Noah "40" Shebib Addresses Common/Drake Beef
    40 takes to Twitter hours after the Common interview with Sway and chimes in on the feud.
  • drake-tweet-gallery
    December 24, 2011 - Drake Takes Jab at Common's Sales on Twitter
    Drake writes, "Platinum. Now THAT'S Sweet!"—an obvious play on Common's song title and the Warner Music rapper's lack of sales. Drizzy then quickly deletes comment. Lucky for fans, the tweets is watchin'.
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    January 6, 2011 - Rick Ross' <i>Rich Forever</i> mixtape drops, which features a Drake verse aimed at Common on "Stay Schemin"
    <object width="620" height="315"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="620" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>On the track, Drizzy raps: <i>“It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads/Guess every team doesn’t come complete with n*ggas like ours,” Drake raps. “That’s why I see no need to compete with n*ggas like y’all/I just ask that when you see me you speak up n*ggas that’s all/Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing/It’s feeling like rap changed/There was a time it was rugged/Back when, if a nigga reached, it was for the weapon/Nowadays niggas reach, just to sell they record.”</i>Ouch!
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    January 9, 2011 - Common Drops Stay Schemin Remix
    <object width="620" height="315"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="620" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>Common fans only had to wait two-and-a-half days for the Chicago lyricst to respond to Drizzy's diss. <i>“Don’t do it ’cause every song you make is really hoe music/I heard you say you wasn’t a bitch cause you sing, you a bitch cause you clean like a bitch that’s 18/ Can’t say my name but rap about a nigga’s wife/you so Black and White trying to live a nigga’s life/I’m taking too long with this amateur guy, you ain’t wettin’ nobody, nigga, you Canada Dry.”</i>

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  • areldub

    he ain’t never reached for no weapon….too busy wheeln around in that wheel chair on degrassi

    • CaponeMOB

      man i wish when drake go’s to chicago that those gangs from chicago beat the HO out the nigga, and put that nigga in a weelchair for real like in his show degrassi. common is a boss veteran he dont need to get his hands dirty. and im glad common called his bitch ass out cuz recently he’s been acting like 50 cent when he really acts like……well, DRAKE. i cant even call him a bitch cuz ima offend the real bitches that are more HOOD then this soft nigga. im just gonna call him DRAKE cuz he already fucked up his image by singing like fantasia and then turn around and act like 50 cent and is trying to say back then he was rugged with it when he used to reach for the weapon to “wet” some body in the MEAN streets of toronto canada. fuckin lame….

    • Ryan

      Drake reach for that wheelchair. chrome spinnin’

      • Yung_Swag

        SMH -____-

    • flavorblade

      That’s why Drake will not ignore the Common beef like others. Common is where Drake really wants to be, doing it big in Hollywood. Common has made the Will Smith, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah leap. Common is not A list star of his own shit yet but he is a strong supporting character, probably stronger than LL and Ice-T, and much more substantial than the microwave movies 50 puts out. Drake can’t wait to get there. That envy will drive him to fight Common.

  • OBD

    I don’t know where to side on this one. From Toronto, and Drake has done a proper job of really representing. I’ve also been a COM SENSE fan since I heard “Communism” in ’94… Hopefully this beef will give Drake some scar tissue and a willingness to embrace a more BOOM BAP lifestyle. And no more ROM COM flicks from Common and we’ve got a truce?

    • Eat it Nigguz!!!

      NO!… We want Common to beat the shit outta fruitcake lyrically/physically n send his bitchass back to wherever he came from!!…. that’s right!!!

    • QB

      Drake don’t rep T.O, Kardinall reps T.O.. real niggas from Jungle, Rexdale, Jane & Finch etc, cannot be repped by sweet ass Drake..

  • JugularKill

    Check out the remix…..Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Common is hard. Common not even doing subliminal,

    Fuck drake, pussy trying to act hard now

    • http://xxl D Wade

      heey fuck you jugularkill drake isnt a pussy your juss jealous cuz he will more street cred than you nothing will ever compare you to drake your a fake ass loser

      • NSBOSS100

        c’mon bruh u playin yourself how does drizzy drake have street cred..i guess u multi talent on account of that u can type that comment with drakes dick in your mouth

  • igotacos

    I love drake, amd him responding to the beef takes balls, so i respect him. But common would murk him in a battle, but thank you for bringing the beef back!!!

  • Wale

    “Man to man, don’t hide behide them other (YMCMB) niggas” – Common to drake

  • Taylordg85

    I love the beef, we need that hip-hop cause its been a while but honestly. Common has started all of this because Drizzy was seen with his ex. (Imagine that over a woman) & also because of how successful Drake is. Drizzy sells 446,000 copies in one week while common is stuck at # 17 with 68,000. As Drizzy says ” Back when a ni99a reach is was for the weapon, now ni99as reach to sell there record” case in point- Common just sayin…

    • radi

      back when a nigga reach for a weapon now they reach to sell a record that line is good if it was coming out someone elses mouth
      but if its coming out of drakes lmao come on that bitch aint never bust no gat and hes the one all over the radio and tv rapping pussy shit for the sales. but then again drake is just a bitch

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I remember that day Common walked in on me chopping a line of blow on Serena’s naked ass. I was already doped up on every drug known to man (save poppers) and severely dehydrated from breaking Serena’s back and busting nuts for 2 days straight. He was mad that I didn’t answer the doorbell, but in my state, I thought it might be the police, or Lucifer, at the door.

    Needless to say, I wasn’t in fighting condition, but I slowly looked up at Common through dilated pupils, chucked him a deuce, then proceeded to snort a line that ran from the small of Serena’s back, up and down her left ass cheek, across the funk spot, up the other ass cheek then down the back of her right thigh. I waited a few seconds for the rush to come, then I asked Com’ if I could chop him another line on Serena’s titties. He declined, saying he couldn’t stay long. Something about only coming over to retreive some loafers he’d left last time he was over.

    I woke Venus and sent her to go fetch the loafers while Com’ handed me a master copy of “Sweet”–told me to check it out. I said that I would, then I wished him luck in his future endeavors and that was that…no shots fired.

    Don’t know why Common is mad at the little homey, Drake. Serena said they made out a bit, that was all. Nothing to wild out over. Said he spent 45 minutes fingering her navel until he creamed his pants and she asked him to leave. Who’d care about beefing over that shit?

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      I see you on the ‘shrooms again OG….

    • Like


  • ovoxo

    Drake, heres how they gon come at you
    With silly rap feuds trying to distract you

    Jay-z (light up)

    • pwiz

      whats funny jay would be on common’s side on this

  • http://n/a jondoe

    i know I’ma get alotta flack for this but in all honesty, drake’s response was better than both of common’s disses

  • Bovice


  • canadadry

    first off, thankfuly beef is back in hip far as i see it, i like how common is putting drake back in his place through his records..drake was getting so damn cocky recently, talking smack about ludacris and then bragging in his songs about being hard and “real” (i dont see how talking shit about a legend and then replying to his diss via twitter is real- see bada boom)..but as far as common and drake’s beef goes, drake has some balls to reply to common..i know for a fact common isnt doing this to sell records, he’s beyond that point in his career..drake claims he is great or even the greatest, its time for his to prove it..his response will say a lot about him and the future of his career

  • R.Mendez

    FIRST OFF, I respect Common and Drake, I’ve been listenin to Common since I was in 8th grade (Im 32 now ,so its been a minute) And Drake really has made me sit back and reevaluate the talent pool in hip-hop nowadays.Yeah Drake sings, But thats nothing new in Hip-Hop, Its just singing, Doesnt mean you cant knock a nigga out cause you can hold a tune.
    But honestly, This apperently all started over a bitch, Serena Williams, Who yes has a fat ass, but that face is a 6. And Common came out first gunnin for Drake before his record flopped And yes its a flop if its 2 weeks out and your only selling 88,000 records compared to drake 1.2 million.

    What the numbers tell me is that Common is reaching to get his album publicity, Because at the end of the day these two men arent taping up the fists to jump in the ring for a sanctioned MMA match to decide who’s really tougher. So lets call this what it is, A GIMMICK.
    I actually respect Common a little less for gunnin at drake to try to make a name for himself, Theres plenty of other wanna-be thugs in the Hip-Hop Field. DID EVERYONE FORGET RICK ROSS WAS A CORRECTIONS OFFICER?

  • Kush Daeli

    It’s commonism… get your shit straight btw common needs to chill and so does drake i like them both for different reasons but drakes a bitch and he needs to stop frontin like hes G. It’s not like he had room to slip a nine under his wheel chair so i doubt he’s gonna get physical which is how all real beef should be handled. If it ain’t worth dying over it ain’t worth bitchin about.

  • Sha

    I’m really surprised at the lack of attention dudes have been paying to what’s happening here.

    First of all THIS IS NOT ABOUT A CHICK!!! It’s chess, not checkers. Let me break it down for you cats…..

    This is as close to a MOB WAR as you guys will ever see (as it pertains to hip-hop). It boils down to:


    When Jay-Z FIRST retired it was for political reasons. He needed to get Dame Dash off of his tit so he needed to pretend for obvious contractual reasons that he was retiring. But as soon as Jay-Z retired Lil Wayne came out and said,

    “I’m the best rapper alive.”

    This was a title that Jay-Z spit in the Timbaland produced track on the BLACK ALBUM.

    And although Jay eventually came back and got on one of Lil Wayne’s “Carter” releases, Jigga always seemed to hold a grudge about that statement. Especially since “Baby” was going around co-signing the hell out of it.

    Now what’s the COMMON VS DRAKE connection?

    Jay-Z has openly admitted that COMMON is one of the rappers he most admires. Not only because they are vets in the game. But also because of Common’s lyrical ability, battle tested skill (putting his foot in ICE CUBE’s ass), and political prowess (let’s face it, it takes skills to survive 9 albums deep in this arena. Just ask 50 Cent). And not to mention the indirect role Common played in Kanye West’s career upbringing (The No ID mentorship).

    But recently Jay-Z and Wayne have been going at each other indirectly. There have been numerous subliminal disses between the two. And to further complicate things, DRAKE got pissed at KANYE for not clearing a sample prior to DRAKE’S album release. And who is the biggest Kanye ally at this moment? You guessed it…. COMMON. Let’s face it folks, Kanye will probably never enter a battle on wax because his heart pumps Kool-aid in the battle arena (although I think he’s lyrically doper than 80% of the cats in the game).

    This is chess. Not checkers.

    Jay-Z’s Owned Pieces: Kanye, Beyonce, No I.D., Common, Nas (to a lesser extent), Rhianna, Rick Ross (although he collaborates with Young Money a lot, he still is owned by Jigga. How else could he survive the corrections officer fiasco?) Mr and Mrs Alicia Keys, Wale, and numerous industry execs.

    Lil Wayne’s owned pieces: Drake, Nicki Minaj, T-Pain (trust me, Lil Wayne’s still a little pissed about Pain’s failures since Jigga release D.O.A.), Young Money (whoever’s still relevant), Baby (although I’m not sure how long that will last once weezy discovers how much loot this cat has stolen from him), and a few Baby Mommas.

    So on the surface this seems like your typical beef. But trust me, Pawns are being moved and put into play. This is deeper than Serena’s cat.

    • alan

      LMAO…that’s a great plot! Too great. Sounds like something from a movie…but I think not. This is all simple. Drake listened to others around him telling him that “Sweet” was ab out him and got sensitive. That’s all. But now Drake is going into a place I don’t think he can make it…It’s fine to be a great artist but to bring it back to hip hop and battle rap…you’d be surprised how many rappers can’t battle…Drake is one of them! and those “Ill give you a hint im dissing you” doesn’t count. I was never a fan of that…Common wins this battle easy…The Bitch in You part Two.

  • Fireforreal

    JonDoe C’mon Son Really ? are you some 16 year old who only listens to what’s on the radio ? Common’s from a straight to business side was WAY better and fuck the bullshit he said his Name like a real emcee. 2 Common gave him a little Jab. He can go in on him like he did Ice Cube back in the day. He comes from an era where you were judged on how you spit and what you spit. NOT who you always have on your songs. Drake doesn’t have ONE song by himself that keeps your intrest.


    Sha my dude.

    Sha is on point but imma add its about serna ass too (literally and figuratively).

    Add PUSHA T into it too. Pusha been going at Wayne sublimially for years. YES. ITS about to be a major battle in HIP HOP. Roc Nation/Good Music vs YMCB.

    Everything Sha stated is accurate but add the fact that Pusha T use to ghost write for YMCB and felt disrespected when wayne stole certain things from him…ie wayne stealin cory gunz entire skateboard image lyrics songs and wat not.

    Drake been doing a lot of slick disses and I KNOW ALOT OF U LAMES WANNA CALL DRAKE WEAK but can u blame a dude for making money using his talent? dude sings and i hate it too. he dont just sing cause jahiem sings…he whines like keith sweat. However dude can rhyme.

    Imma have to say that drake lyrically got @ com. it ain’t about favorites in a rap battle…NOT BEEF…rap battle…its about bars. drake had heat bars flow metaphors.

    Com had str8 blows.

    I mean if floyd mayweather get knocked out by manny watcha gon say? it ain’t about favorites letem get at it and listen to the words.


    i got my money on roc nation

    • Sha….

      What up Fam…. School these Stans! I had totally forgot about the Pusha connection. But this whole event just goes to show how political the game has gotten. I actually think it’s good for the game to have these skirmishes from time to time. It gets rid of the “Bad Blood” (pardon the Italian jargon).

      This stuff is exciting for me to be witnessing. But it’s only exciting to those who can see beyond the petty squabbles and get the real story. It’s strategically exciting!

      I’m riding with Jigga/Roc Nation/Good Music on this one. They have too much power in that click to be overcome by Weezy and company. I’m not saying this as a fan but strictly from a mathematical perspective. Lil Wayne and them just don’t hold the numbers.

  • Krazy one

    Drake in the wrong league, This is what common due spit Fire
    don’t get the hollywood movie thing twisted. He has been murdering lyrics since the 90″s

  • jr88

    “your so black and white trying to live a niggas life”…wooooo!!!..sweet and badda boom are in the history books while drakes demise is being documented…smh…should of just stuck to your lane instead of trying to be a thug

  • D-Lloyd

    Common mad cause Drake Fucking Serena!!!!!!This nigga trying to may like its a hip-hop thing when really its about drake beating down the walls of his bitch pussy!!!!!!!

  • DrakeFan.

    I like drake much better. I hate when old ass rapper try to regain popularity by putting a new niggas name in they mouth, like why? he obvs mad. BUT i do like that common said who he was talkig about, none of that subliminal shit. Drake need ta do that

  • megulito

    Easy fact Common is gunna destroy dude
    also i think the line is that youre a bitch because you cling not clean but maybe im wrong

  • Damn

    I fucking love Drakes music, and i fucking love Commons music. They’re both so talented. Even though i’m a fan of both, I actually like this beef. Two good rappers (Don’t fucking say Drake can’t spit bars) stepping it up, maybe this beef will improve their bars, because of the pressure. That’s a good thing. So much released material today is WACK. Drakes bars on Stay Schemin are nice! Commons bars on the RMX are nice too, so let’s see where this beef ends, and if we can’t get some more nice tracks out of it.

    To all the fanboys, stop defending your ”hero” and embrace the fucking beef.

    • Alan

      LOL…I like your comment…but I love it when people say this guy can rap. Of course Drake can Rap. Hell I can rap. What’s rapping? putting words together that sound the same? Yep I can do that! But when you talk about MCs…the lyrics and the substance behind the words…NO…DRAKE IS NOT THERE! Common and Drake are totally different. That’s Like comparing Lil Wayne to Mos Def. Yeah they both can rap of course…but the lyrics effects are different.

  • emfan

    mch respect for common….bt cant wait for eminem to get in the mix, then it wil be bye bye dick a-dick-ted DRAKE!!!!

  • southside

    Drake spit some hot subliminal…but common destroy him half black and wife trying live niggas life…all under age skinny jeans sweet niggas better recognized this Southside…

  • keator

    Common calls drake half black and white, but jumps on that GAP commericals preaching peace love and GAP.

    If this is over a chick the beef is voided bc Common comes off as a SYMP

    • Alan

      LOL…I don’t understand how the two are related…anyway it’s not, a least im praying it’s not, over a woman.


    I would hardly call any of this battle rap.More like two lames cryin over a bitch.Schoolyard shit.They both need to watch some real battle rappers and take some pointers.Fuckin lames.

    • Alan

      OK can you please tell me where you got that information from? Fighting over a woman? Well I don’t think you are correct but lets say you are…then Im with you. This is horrible. But From gathering the little information we ONLY know to be facts that came out of commons mouth, Drake felt the song was about him and he got sensitive. Thats’ it. Can we please stop with the movie plots on how this beef started. Yeah it would make the beef more interesting but it’s this simple.

  • keator

    Common was smashing serena, he was cool with drake, bump’n SO Far gone in the bentley…..

    Drake starts smashing that out common gets pissed

    Common up all night listening to marvin’s room, hoping serena would call

  • wade2frezh1

    1st thing 1st drake is hard a.f common is too but n a battle common will beast drake compton stand up #577

  • Not a hater just a fan with a honest critique

    This is just fun for common just showing that he’s still better then your favorite rapper. i wanna see them not make anymore records and actually stand next to each other in the park an battle face to face going off the top.

  • Yeah…

    For Drake to actually prove that he isn’t a “pussy” and to raise people’s perception of him is for him to go back to Comeback Season Drake….but that probably won’t happen I’m a fan of Drake but I’m a bigger fan of the Drake that was out 3 years ago. As far as the beef goes, I like Common and Drake, so I want to see where they take this thing.



  • truth720

    a damn gud fight.
    ali vs frazier, hulk hogan vs the ultimate warrior, lakers vs celtics. just can’t go wrong, either or, anyone can take it! its whoever slips, loses!

  • CommonAllTheWay

    I’m Common all the way, don’t get me wrong I do love Drake – but let’s be honest here what Common says is right, Drake is R&B and this is a rap game. Drake is more successful because he appeals to a wider audience but Common spits life true. The way he flows though and the way his rhymes form together to portray the themes in his songs are something to admire. Common really IS Common sense. He is able to tell you the things you know but can’t verbalise, he is killing the rap game and he’s not getting enough credit for being the amazing rapper he is today. #TeamCommon

  • Rockatarr

    Sha, if what you’re saying is true, why would the Jay have said, “Drake here’s how they gon’ come at you, With silly rap feuds trying to distract you” in Light Up. Its obvious to me that Jay wants to support and mentor Drizzy. Plus I’m surprised Common is calling Drizzy soft and no one has said anything about the fact that Common’s in Happy Feet 2.

  • Steve

    Serena and Common reportedly broke up and went their seperate ways on amicable terms. On the other side, Drake are just friends with Serena, its not like Serena walked out on Common and cheated him – INDEED LAME BEEF!!!! I blame Common for MUCH ADO about NOTHING!!


  • Neik’ Love

    I think some of us forgot how he dissed the shit outta Ice Cube and WestSide connection back in the day. So this dude can write, spit, and if need be… battle. So there’s really no reason to question Common because he’s already got combat action medals. We all rememeber the first verse in “I see the Bitch in Yoo”

  • JamRock Fyah

    Jahhhh Knowwww drake verse good but no fucking lie common went Innnnnnnnnnnnn real shit

  • Shiv

    LOL drake is a punk who deletes tweets, and who beefs over twitter drake you said for common to say it to your face say it to his you punk ass buck. Aubrey Grahm needs to go back to acting hes not built for this

  • JamRock Fyah

    fuck drake pussy ass common went innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn haha (fif voice ) U hard right ? then pop off

  • damien

    There both idiots.. When are black people gonna stop using the word nigger????? Really!!! Does these cats not grasp the history of this word… So self defeating

  • pwiz

    common is a better rapper, came from a darker background, and could take drake’s career. but lets not forget it isn’t about that. its over a female common lost to drake. common can be mad all he want at drake but its not him he should be mad but his ex

    • YMCMB_Biz

      Common can’t take Drake’s no matter how hard he can try.

  • YMCMB_Biz

    Common’s too old for this ish…Drake shudn’t even waste his time. What does Drake stand to gain from dissin’ C’mon…NOTHING! Make money Drizzy booooy and let them bark. This dissin’ nonsense is way overrated. Now bark back haters!

  • Iroc

    this is not a beef these two dudes are way to soft / real beef died with biggie and tupac / lets let these two kiss and make up whatever closet dudes do

  • Stylistic

    Drake’s a fucking fruitcake! Seriously how could heterosexual men drive around listening to his whining? Take Care was the WORST album I ever heard! (Hip Hop wise) The shit was an r&b album! The kid’s lyrically nowhere in Common’s league!

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  • Weelz

    @Stylistic totally agree. Take Care barely qualifies as hip hop…. Drake raps like 3 verses, okay I’m exaggerating but you get my point. It’s unfair to compare Drake to any mc… compare hime to R Kelly lol! Even R Kelly was doing this shit way better 20 years ago.

    Only Kanye can get away with singing, and that’s because of the insanely dope beats on album after album.

    On another point, if both these guys had a go with Serena, are they even straight? She has more muscle than most men. I mean if you were secretly gay and wanted to hide it, that’s the kind of chick you’d date.

    I’m just sayin…

  • propa ganda

    To & About: Drake and Common
    Remember this; hip hop is not about who’s hard, and who’s a cupcake. It is about money.
    Also, the people who are benefiting from this “Beef” are Drake, Common, Pusha T, Ludacris, and the likes of YMCMB, GOOD, DTP, MMG, and big business.
    Drake and Common are both very intelligent and Bright men, so are there accountants, lawyers, Managers and investors behind them.
    “Beef” equals – a form of marketing to create revenue.
    Really look it up beside LOL or SMH.
    The truth is; Hip Hop died when product placement began. Our favorite Artists are also part of Corporate America now. They sell us products, not just music.
    Drake, you are doing a great job, keep it up. If you don’t respond to Common, he still got a boost. Common, make good music, and be yourself! You had your time. You went to make movies and pursue other interests with all the money you made from “Hip Hop” You left like a dead beat father. I don’t think you can just walk back in and take over?
    Let Drake be him, and compete on a musical level. If you have to bring attention to a dead topic, bring it back with your own music, your style, your sound your lyrics. Don’t piggy back off of Drake, or any other artist doing they’re thing.
    Common; you should be guiding Drake not standing in his way. You are a leader right? Some think a Legend?
    No disrespect, but you aren’t my super hero.
    I learned a lesson today. If you are in a leadership role, be a leader. I mean, really? It has been over 27 years and you are still using the word “nigga” I thought it was offensive? Do you have kids? Do they walk around calling everything a “nigga” or “Bitch”?
    Don’t get me wrong, Drake is no better. However, seeing you paved the way for him/us, I guess we should be thanking you now? Why haven’t you been able to remove the word “nigga” from “Hip Hop”? Or are you fond of the word and embrace it? I mean, Drake embraced “Sweet” if the shoe fits, where it. Right?
    Oh, and Common. If you want to blame anyone for where “Hip Hop” went, you should look at your generation. Some how, you managed to let “Hip Hop” die. So if anyone should be mad. It should be your fans.
    Drake didn’t steal hip hop, it was given away for money.
    Try fight that one….Celebrity……………………….
    Your Friend – Propa Ganda

  • ikem namsug

    fuck drake

  • Daniel C

    commons been in the game drakes just a name that will fade like every other fad drake got smashed on that new trak the only reason drake is a star is cuzza what weezy made young money but even his clown ass his time will pass as well its all these new boy style era from all these lil gay ass kidss but just like the 80s style changed in tha 90s n the 90s style changed in the 2000s ,this girl ass style tight pants wearing thong sporting ass niggas time will come n theyll be washed up too thats the diffrence between common n drake…drakes just a fad …commons in n has been in the game tooo STAY!!!!

  • Javae

    dude i hate wen stupid MF’s comment with out realizin the meaning of the lines being spit wen he said gods actin like broads he’s talkin bout commons “religion”. common is a 5 percenter look that shit up..nd the reach for the weapon part he talkin bout back in the day wen niggas wanted beef they actually was bustin guns cuz it was real “beef” he sayin now n days they doin it just for attention. open yo minds simple MF’s

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  • Corbin Dalis

    OG Matt Herbz…you win

  • :)

    I kno yall lyk when Drake said, “It bothers me when the guards get to actin lyk the broads,. Guess every time doesn’t come complete lyk ours” (He said guards not Gods lyk they said. Dat wouldnt make sense)

  • :)

    I mean he SHOULD have said guards