Action Bronson x Maffew Ragazino x Troy Ave x Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire: A Roundtable Discussion With NY’s New Breed

Yeah, it’s dope because you each offer a variety of styles. How would you all define your own personal style?

T.A.: We should define each others’ styles [because] sometimes’ niggas can’t
define they’re own styles. Maffew is a fucking lyricist, when I listen to his shit he’s on some real lyrical shit. eXquire, he’s just fucking gutter. He remind me of grunge rap. [At the XXL Kendrick Lamar show] I’m performing in muthafuckin’ coyote fur and these niggas throwing 40s. [Laughs] Bronson, his shit is just like genuine. He just talk about some shit that you’ll be like, “Yo this is what he doing.” Not saying that everybody else aint talking about shit that they’re not doing but, he’ll be talking about cooking some food then be talking about killing a bitch [Laughs].

Action: [Laughs] It goes from cooking food to killing a bitch in an instant.

T.A.: An instant. “Bitch you dropped the Merlot, bitch clean up!” [Laughs]

Action: Imagine if she dropped Merlot on the coyote man

From Troy, Xquire, and Ragazino you guys are holding down the Brooklyn home front and Action, you’re holding it down for Flushing, Queens. Do you guys ever feel pressure of carrying your hood on your back?

eXquire: I don’t think niggas is on it like that. We ain’t taking this shit for granted, at least I’m not. I think niggas just want to get their positions and their foot right in the business end of it before we get into reppin’ hoods. All that shit comes later.

T.A.: I feel more pressure from like my homies, my family, my peoples, you
know what I’m saying. I just want to do better so that everybody could be rich. It ain’t about one man having bread or whatever, if that’s the case I could just stay in the streets and get money. I just want to have wealth. I feel more pressure from that than the whole “New York on my back.”

Action: You gotta make sure that you right first. You can’t help someone if you need to be helped yourself. You got to make sure you get in that position before you help anybody. Just being from where we are, we all automatically helping it.

T.A.: Yo I started rapping to get money, to keep it honest. A nigga from my hood ended up getting a deal and he was rapping on some bullshit, like the shit he was talking about I’m in the streets living it. I’m like, “Man, I could do this shit.” I tried to get on the mixtapes and and this [DJ] told me [it was] $1,200 to get on a mixtape. I was like, “What?” I said, “Nigga, suck $1,200 worth of dick,” and printed up my own mixtape and started selling my shit in the streets. It ain’t about, “Yo I gotta put New York back to the forefront.” We doing aight. All these niggas on this phone could rap and do they thing so, it ain’t one man gotta carry the torch or whatever, that shit is gonna happen.

So it’s pretty much music speaks much louder than your region.

T.A.: Success speaks louder than anything. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but, I don’t know where the fuck Nick Cannon is from. Niggas just know he’s successful. He could come out tomorrow and say he reps Ohio, nobody gonna say “Oh he holding Ohio down.”

Who or what inspired you guys to get into this rap shit?

T.A.: Rappers. Big Daddy Kane, Master P, Lil’ Flip. I know niggas laughing at me for Lil’ Flip.

How about you X?

eXquire: Of course all the old niggas and shit but, as far as niggas recently the niggas I’m on the phone with ’cause I knew Troy Ave before I was really known but, everybody in Brooklyn know Troy Ave. I met [him] two times before I ever even knew him. I met this nigga and he sold me a CD both times. I still got the CDs too. One was called, Major Without A Deal and one was called Rep It With My Heart, I know them shits front to back. I used to listen to that shit and hate. I used to watch his videos and be like, “Fuck this nigga” you know what I’m saying, like “Why I ain’t on?” But, I remember when he came, he had the video for “BK BK” and all that shit.

Ragazino: [Sings the song]

eXquire: Yup, and we were in the projects like, “Yo that nigga from Brooklyn” we were happy like, that shit inspired me. As silly as that may sound my nigga, that shit really inspired me. Maffew will tell you, I met Maffew before I was even rhyming like that. I met this nigga on the fucking train, listening to his music and we sitting on the same fucking train. I looked over and was like, “My nigga I’m listening to your album right now.” I showed him the fucking music on my iPod, am I lying man?

Ragazino: I was like “Oh you lying.” Nah, that shit was crazy cause we exchanged info but, it was mad shit going on at that time –

eXquire: And he fronted on me. [Laughs] All jokes aside, shit like that inspired me. Not even niggas that’s famous, of course that’s why I wanted to rap but, just watching niggas that I felt were regular niggas like me, and watching them dedicate themeselves and work hard that shit turned me out to want to dedicate myself and work hard. It still does. When I see “Merlot,” Troy Ave’s new video, I’m like, “Yo when I do a new video I gotta make
sure my shit hard.” That’s my man but, we all gotta inspire each other. I admire all that inspire me.

T.A.: No hate. Real niggas get inspired by niggas doing shit. Fake niggas hate on shit.

Ragazino: I remember I went with some of my peoples to go to the studio and while we were waiting to do our session, muthafuckin’ Troy Ave [was] buying up all the studio time and shit. How real is that, me and this muthafucka went to school together.

T.A.: My nigga Rago.

eXquire: Y’all niggas went to school together?

Ragazino: Me and Troy went to South Shore High School.

eXquire: That’s crazy.

T.A.: Hell yeah!

Ragazino: Now we ’bout to be famous. The same way Busta, Jay, and all them niggas used to see each other in high school, we gon’ have that same history.

You each are growing your buzz respectively, how do you keep that momentum going?

T.A.: I just got a jail call, that’s my inspiration right there, stay the fuck out of
jail. Just to keep dropping new shit, just because I got a buzz, to other people it may seem like success but it aint the level of success that I want. I’m from the hood man, from the street and I really did street shit so, success might be $50,000 to a nigga [but] that aint shit to me. Just like success might be being on all the blogs, that aint shit to me. I need money, a lot of bitches–you know bitches cost. [Laughs] word to mother. I just spent a lot of bread for Christmas because I got a lot of bitches. The more success and money you get, all your bitches just go up. Like I used to drive the fucking Tahoe truck, then I bought the Volvo, then I bought the Benz, now I got that nice thing I be riding around in and its just all about that. I want the Maserati next so, you just keep going. Buzz? Fuck a buzz, I got to keep going till its not no word about a buzz. Niggas don’t say Lil Wayne got a buzz, niggas don’t say Rick Ross got a buzz, Jay-Z got a buzz. I got to keep going till there’s not no word about a buzz.

eXquire: For me its about remaining honest and just staying true to myself regardless of the consequence. I don’t really worry about nothing. At the end of the day, it’s [not about] being the next Biggie– you can’t go and call fucking Cablevision and be like “Nah, I’m the next Biggie.”

T.A.: [Laughs] That’s a fact. You can’t pay no bill with a buzz.

eXquire: Buzz don’t pay no bills. For me it’s about remaining honest to myself. I know me, I’m a crazy nigga, I know that about myself. I’m spotty, I’m wild, I’m just like that. At the end of the day my whole thing is just remaining honest and staying consistent and true to myself. [After that] everything will fall in line for me the way its supposed to be. Maybe I ain’t meant to be diamond, maybe I ain’t meant to be platinum but, I’ma be successful because I stayed true to me. That’s just my main thing, staying consistent, and not letting nothing get to me and letting my head get swollen from anything. That’s success, just doing me man. If I could leave this Earth and when I die, [people] be like “Yo he was a real nigga” then I’m good. Regardless of where I may end up.

T.A.: Real shit.

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  • Dave Blasfome

    Its refreshing to read an interview from a group of emcees that are on the brink, their attitudes don’t suck and they fuckin kill it.

  • trill

    all these guys are terrible to mediocre

  • RJ

    Trill you must be buggin. Action Bronson is one of the dopest emcees to come out in awhile, he put out 2 future classic albums within the last year. Maffew is dope as hell and gonna be big in the years to come. eXquire is different and unique enough to keep his momentum going. Troy Ave is the only one I’m not totally sold on but he’s not terrible by any means.

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    First class read!!

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  • Tic706

    That cat TA sounds like one ig’nant mofo. Makes me not want to hear his music since he made it clear its all for the money. He’s from NY and he mentioned Master P and Lil Flip as inspiration? You gotta luv the irony of that east

    Respect to the rest of them though.

    Too many rappers and not enough time.

  • HHLove

    Respect to XXL but these guys shouldnt be considered NY’s new breed….or at least i hope they arent….no one outside of underground heads know these dudes, and on top of that their music is mediocre at best. The one guy on here with some decent talent, Action Bronson basically has the same delivery as Ghost and Rae w/o the lyrics to match…No hate, just criticism from a hip hop fan. It was a decent read but next time try a different list of artists.

  • mr. bustdown

    man, you people sayin these cats music is mediocre dont know a goddamn thing about hip hop, for real.

    exquire & bronson both put out multiple albums last years and they were all dope as fuck.

    ragz put out a couple too. not as good as bronson & exquire, but the kid can spit.

    never heard of the other cat.

    bronson & exquire are dope as fuck. you faggot niggaz saying otherwise need to go back to your homosexual lil wayne, drake bullshit and stop acting like you dicksuckers know good, real hip hop music.

    and your mothers are all whores.

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  • Table Saw

    I could not agree with you more..

  • anvelope

    Curiously, a well written piece of writing.

  • Mark

    Nice read!

  • Spyda Tha Cannon

    Fuck u talkin bout Troll, yes, Troll, cuz u far from Trill spittin bullshit like that. Bronson will shit in your salad. Dude one of the coldest up n comers out. These guys MUST be doin somethin right or XXL wouldn’t be on their nuts.

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    Many quotables + inspiration.

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