Young Jeezy Speaks On Rick Ross Beef, TM103 Push Backs

Last night (December 7), Young Jeezy stopped by Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show to premiere his new track with Fabolous and Jadakiss titled “OJ,” and during his visit, Da Snowman chopped it with the veteran DJ to speak on various topics including his beef with Rick Ross.

“I can’t really explain that,” Jeezy revealed about the feud. “I just know from my standpoint, if homie wanna focus on me that’s on him. I’m focused on me. At the end of the day, man, I got an album coming out and ain’t nothing more important than that. After the album come out, we could get into that.”

In addition to speaking on the rift, Jizzle also shed some light on TM103 various push backs, explaining, “I ain’t the one to go with deadlines or quotas, so, if the labels put out dates and that’s how they felt, [then] that’s how they felt. I paid for my own project out my pocket and I always felt like I wanted to put it out at the end of the year because it was time. [It's] about to be 2012, people need [the] motivation and that was the page I was on. Now if the communication lines [weren't] there, that’s where I was the whole time.”

Jeezy’s upcoming fourth studio album, Thug Motivation 103: Hustlaz Ambition, is set to hit shelves on December 20. —Ralph Bristout

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    can anyone tell me Games total red album sales??? total for U.S and total worldwide?..cant find it anywhere..Wikipedia not updating the #s…hope he makes gold..he earned it…

  • atown don

    Jeezy man get real… From what ive been seein U are the only one talkin about the beef in EVERY interview.. I wonder y?? oh yeah u got an album coming out with bout a record breaking 50 All ima say is real cats get hurt or caught up dealin wit instigating dudes like yourself… (Remember the Gucci Mane situation)… Bra, You took all them dudes down to SOUTH BEACH for protection tlkn bout where your favorite rapper at, but you say bra focused on you.. C’mon Son

    • GA will Kill FL BOYS

      Get a job, lame

      • josh

        ^^Cosign of the highest degree…..


    TM103 on the way! Dont know bout that other stuff that Officer Rickey is talking bout but Dec. 20 is upon us!

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  • shell shell

    this is to atown don… you really dont know the sitiuation between the 2 of them so y r u getting heated about it…dem niggas dont know you & dont give a fuck about you,they getting money & what you doing???..Nothing!…Just a po broke ass nigga on this shit talking shit like a lil bitch….u should’nt even do ya time like that..