T.I. & Tiny Stop Through The Wendy Williams Show [Video]

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    daffy duck and minnie mouse on the wendy williams show…this guy is the worst example to young brothas..a disgrace to the race…trash..put him back in jail and throw away the key..gets too many chances…he SNITCHING everytime he catches a case..

    • jen4sho

      u are such a hater… u walking around here as if u perfect or sum… damn! u hatin…so u was in the room when he was snitching too huh? well u must be 1 too…hatin ass bitch! u must b one miserable mf to wish jail on anyone… u broke bitch…u jus mad at that mans success…u r a tru definition of a REAL LIVE HATERRRRRRRR! bitch get cha weight up!


    @2jen4sho…look whose hatin…look how you actin with your temper tantrum…im not hatin..but facts are facts son…he was a convicted FELON who got caught with automatic weapons, their is no way in hell he should have gotten a year in jail…anyone else would have gotten over 20 years, case closed…i call em how i see em..HE A SNITCH..live with it fool..damn..grow up..fuk u and DAFFY DUCK