Loon: Hip-Hop’s Least Influencial Muslim

On Wednesday (December 14), Mos Def, Yassin Bey was named the most influential Muslim of 2011 by George Washington University (Salute!).

Along with Rakim, Rza, Lupe Fiasco, Freeway and others, the Black Star lyricist has made quoting the holy Quran cool, and for that XXL gives its props.

But for every ying, there is a yang. In other words, not every rapper is a good representation of the Islamic religion, which brings the conversation to Loon.

Accepting the faith a few years ago, Diddy’s former artist—who now goes by the name, Amir Junaid Muhadith—put down the mic to focus on his new found religion. Nothing wrong there. But last May, the Harlemite was arrested in Belgium on drug charges. Can’t make too much of an effect on others from behind bars, bruh. For that, XXL names Loon, hip-hop’s least influential Muslim of 2011. Bad Boy for life, indeed. —XXL Staff

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  • JugularKill

    Pointless story.

  • Hahhhhhhhhhhn

    You really need an actual job.

  • francis nasim

    just keep it to ya self and we can keep it cool i box if thats the move joe.you look like glass.im from brooklyn lemme introduce myself. i cop qtrs,workout and box.my name is neptune, and imworkin on my mixtape droppin 12/12/12 called the chronic.get to know me

  • Grownman

    Come on people. Stop with the nonsense. You don’t even know the full details on this case, yet you criticize the guy, and question his character by asserting that the allegations are true? You go even further to insinuate that he’s a hypocrite. Stop it. This isn’t mediatakeout.com.

    • GirlBeAlive28

      LOVE IT!! I agree with that! Well said.. why call him out like that? taking something positve, Mos Def’s honor, then making it focus on the negative..Funny because my brother told me he saw Loon at a Masjjid in ATL. IT was last yr though..

  • Me

    This is an awful story. What’s the point of this? Why go out of your way to name the least influential muslim? I swear, this site is borderline garbage these days. Someone needs to get fired.

    • GirlBeAlive28

      So true! Got me rollin over here!

  • Random

    Wow “XXL Staff” im sure that your aware that the charges are based on events way before he became a muslim . Let it be known that this brother Amir(loon) change,has had massive influence all over the world, spreading Islam in its true and purest form. Yall seriously need to step up your game when it comes to writing articles, “for every ying theirs a yang”—Enough said..

  • Gooner

    The person who wrote this is a big big idiot, and his statement cant be farther from the truth

  • IllRoc

    You guys are wrong for this. Really shows the poor mind set of you guys.

  • http://XXL.COM Faheem

    It looks good for Bruh Amir(Loon)to be a Muslim.surely he’s in tha wright path then no blame this bruh for him decision cuz he won……..All praise to ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

  • iesha

    first of all get the facts straight he was arrested on something from a few years ago nothing that did since he became muslim! and how could u know what being a good muslim is if u have no knowledge islam! may god continue 2 guide this brother..amin

    • Mujahid

      You seem to be saying that drug charges make him a good muslim. LMFAO!