Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Invade Singapore (Doggisodes Ep. 13) [Video]

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  • Kay

    They better invade the fucking studio and finish the damn Detox.

  • francis nasim

    i got 29 million-785 thousand,i just left madison square garden this mornin dre and from the subway to the jay-z billoards all they wanna hear is zay-zay-zay.so….and suge is overflowin,but i got a problem solver at the studio ima introduce him to.its called the roof.on the house-and everyday of my existance

  • francis nasim

    and by the way pavorotti-its coming along.beautifully-oh and from andinvestment,take my advise,the greatest album you EVER DONE! is the wash.second workin with jimmybones.third deuces and treys.nigga the zay nigga servin treys like a waiter.you better get cho self together on this rocketship before ya fall off and get wit my partners like trey deee and spend twenty million.cause if you don’t i will.no limit for life