Chris Brown’s Hip-Hop Moments in 2011

The New York Daily News won’t be too far off the next time they refer to Chris Brown as a rapper. The Virginia singer’s been balancing fiery bars and high notes all year.  Hip-hop’s undoubtedly played a huge part in C. Breezy’s return to pop prominence—starting with the release of the crooner’s Fan of a Fan mixtape with Young Money rapper Tyga in 2010.

Earlier this year, Brown capitalized on the tape’s momentum when he dropped “Look At Me Now”—a single featuring the singer spitting bars with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. The song would eventually win three BET Hip Hop Awards—Brown also participated in the show’s cypher—and was nominated for two Grammys. He’s collaborated with Big Sean and Ace Hood, to name a few, and has released an all-rap mixtape, Boy in Detention.

He’s even displayed stereotypically rapper-like behavior (tantrums and twitter beefs). But, this is about praise, not criticism . XXL recognizes Breezy’s contribution to the culture and salutes him for it. Here’s a look back at Chris Brown’s Hip-Hop Moments in 2011.—Carl Chery (@cchery)

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  • angela

    Believe it or not, that man is a legend in the making. He (in my honest opinion) is the best entertainer of his generation. People cannot deny this man’s talent. Let’s all move forward by keeping our eyes out of the rear view mirror and focus on the windshield. We all need to do that. We, as humans err (it is human nature) butthe key is to learn from your mistakes and move on, not wallow in it. CHRIS BROWN, I am so proud of you as you did not let the haters and the naysayers keep you down. PEOPLE: we can all learn a thing or two here. (1) Never give up on yourself, even when the world has given up on you (2) Keep believing in you, even when the non-believers stop believing. CB was kicked up under the bus and hung out to dry. He prevailed. He persevered and kept it moving. I admire your strenght, because what you went through was enough to kill a horse, and you were so young, just a teenager, but you stood strong. I love you for that, and will always love you. GOD BLESS HIM, AND HE WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY PRAYERS. TEAM BREEZY FOREVER!!!

    • J.R.

      personally i still think he’s a cunt

  • Robert

    Chris Brown is hands down the premiere male artist of his generation. He deserves all the success he has worked so hard for. I have over 600 CB songs in just 6 years……he’s a genius.

  • shell517nj

    He’s only just begun. Can’t wait for FORTUNE!

  • soraya

    I would say that I knew brown chris, I always liked what he(it) made, without leaking out in the depths of his(its) career(quarry) and m ‘ to interest in him, because I knew that he(it) had fans’ battalion behind him to support him(it), then there was a click, when I saw the clip of rihanna ” we found coil “, I said to myself the clip is too much trash and the comedian who plays this role has an enormous resemblance with brown chris, why after 2 years it takes(brings) out this clip, from there I began to dig and to look and in better connaitre brown for chris, I discovered a young man as very young, with defects and qualities, a magnificent career(quarry) which has to begin very early, to propel in the environment(middle) of the show twice, OK he made an error, but everybody in right(law) for a second luck(chance) and people did not wait for his(her,its) return with so much strength and courage and especially the talent, chris is filled(performed) with ideas which boil inside him, he will go very far, He will be a champion, a legend a history good luck breezy

  • laura

    What annoys me the most is that nobody mentions other celebrities for their crimes when writing abt them eminem charlie sheen etc.. but when it comes to Chris Brown it like an introduction his flaws one by one coz he is black huh the same they did to MJ. He paid his duties what they want him to do ..die or what..that question is beyond me …he admitted his mistake which is remarkable & works hard to build himself so why not letting him to live his life. He is so talented in every single way. regardless of his age he still is wearing his angelic smile. i think Chris Brown is a legend in the making & most importantly his fans will always stand by him no matter what. I’M SO PROUD OF HIM & ADMIRE HIS STRENGTH.

  • luke

    In the last year, he has done alot of good for hip hop. He has bought Hip Hop to the mainstream without watering down the music. Fame was a sick album and Boy In Dentention was a sick mixtape.
    Good Job Breezy, keep doing what ur doing!

  • chianne

    I agree with all the praise and recognition of CB’s talent that is shown here His range and creativity are over-the-top – he’s even a decent actor, and a natural comedian. But my thinking has changed about his personal incident of 3 years ago. I’ve been forever arguing the ‘forgive and let’s look forward/not backward’ line – but I’m seeing it will forever be associated with his name, and Chris needs to find away to respond to it – not just with silence or anger. His mom has said so too.

  • TGip

    Chris Brown is a force to be reckoned with… This man can not be stopped. I been a fan since Run It and I like how he went from a child star to adult star… Hope he keep bringing the Heat n 2012 and beyond…