Tyler, the Creator is at it again.

The Odd Future general tells Spin Magazine he is prepping his sophomore album, already dubbed Wolf, for a May 2012 release. And as far as the content of the set goes, Tyler, who will be of legal age when he drops the LP, says he's interested in making music for "people to get high to."

"Talking about rape and cutting bodies up, it just doesn't interest me anymore," he told the magazine. "What interests me is making weird hippie music for people to get high to. With 'Wolf,' I'll brag a little more, talk about money and buying sh*t. But not like any other rapper, I'll be a smart-ass about it."

The MC, who went from releasing music through the group's Tumblr blog to then landing a Sony distribution deal for their own record label less than a year later, has much more to talk about than child's play this time around.

"People who want the first album again, I can't do that," he said. "I was 18, broke as f*ck. On my third album, I have money and I'm hanging out with my idols. I can't rap about the same sh*t."

But for now, Tyler is still releasing tracks from his 2010 release, Goblin, including a video for "Bitch Suck Dick," which will drop in a couple of days.

"It's an ignorant-ass song," Tyler admitted of the track. "If I'm not listening to cheesy indie-jazzy rock shit, I'm listening to ignorant-ass rap shit like Waka Flocka and OJ Da Juiceman. And I made a song that sounds like that energy, but in my world. I think making a song about punching a bitch in the face is funny, because if you're a regular person, just hearing that is fucking crazy, and 90 percent of the people know I'm just fucking around."—Gina Montana