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  • hatin again

    dude needs to get his ass beat on camera

  • damu

    Somebody wrote that shit for him.He deserves to get a buck 50,for real! Garbage!!

  • Alexx “Official3Sixty” Byrd

    Beibs is the truth! lol, I respect him more for spittin’ ghost writtens than Lil’ B! Justin Bieber: The Illest to ever spit ghost writtens.

    Question is, whoever wrote it, gave him some gems!


    Dope but IT’S WRIITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry Beibs
    When you’re a real m.c,you can spit over anything thrown at you.
    It’s obviously written and rehearsed when you request a beat to rhyme over.

  • Fireforreal

    My name is EUGENE. Not like I like Justin but most rappers when they go to a station have there shit rehearsed over a certaine beat. He’s not a real mc so who gives a fuck. But he does sound better than alot of rappers out on the radio today. But back to what I was saying you ever hear a rapper on the radio say some verse you later here on there album or there boy is in the background with the ab-libs lol that’s hip hop today. Most rappers say freestyle and there reading it on there Iphone,black berry etc…..


      Hi Fireforreal
      Let me drop a point for you real quick like.
      1.You can tell that was written by somebody else not him,Period.You said he sounds better than alot of rappers out today.Well you and I would too if we had his ghostwriter to write something for us.

      I think he’s trying to get into hip hop because sooner or later his act of singing like a 13 year old but dude is almost 18 routine is almost up.
      Simple as that.
      Have a blessed day fam and stay up

  • po

    luv hearn white suburban kids rapn bout all the money they got

  • pnice

    listen all you fags even the bet cyphers are written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one comes of the top nomore!!!!!!!!!!!! give the kid props cuz i bet he spit better then your favorte rapper! only real mcs come of the top and im sure you have noclue what a real mc is!

  • Naughty N

    Written or not written, wrote for himself or ghost written… IT REALLY doesnt matter. His rhymes were on point and his delivery met better standards than most wanna-be-rappers. Haters need to curve!

  • jrash87

    bieber is a tryhard and thats there is to it, i didnt even watch it, i just came on here to say.. beiber keep the fuck away from rap you cock sucker, you cant even write a decent song,new age of music my left nut, if this dude really wanted respect, he’d give up pop music, grow some hair on chest, grow a beard, AND ROCK IT OUT!! what the music industery needs is a new awesome rock band, not another wigger

  • @_STEEZYcO

    this nigga killed it. i didnt care for jb at all but this dude can spit & its not written. you obviously dont know much

  • whatmynameis

    what the fuck?

  • SmokeyRebelz

    hooo!!!! he can spit, for sho… shout out to Luda for laying that verse down… fittingly… stop hatin…