Drake’s Singing Vs. Rapping on Take Care: By The Numbers

After delays and leaks, Drake’s sophomore album, Take Care, is finally officially in stores today (Nov. 15). While giving the album a number of plays since it first hit the ‘net, XXL picked up on a few trends and decided to break things down by the numbers. Sure, Drake’s singing, but he always does that. How much is he singing? How much is he rapping? He likes talking about himself, but how many times does he actually say “I” on the album? What’s his longest verse? How many lines does he have directed at women? For this and plenty more, XXL took it to By the Numbers.

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  • nigga

    lmao!!!! wat a bitch!!!!!!

  • Sean Izzle

    Cmon XXLMag! Stop doing this just stop :O

    We know this Drake dude has an album out, enough… hes wack. Just as Trey Songs and J.Cole, fuck Hip Hop and R&B in the early 2010s that it! Its gotten so bad now its ridiculous! You did the same with Rick Ross, posting all this weird Rick Ross articles that has no meaning at all, the album is out and unfortunately we are aware of it :(

    Thanx for the Juvenile interview, real shit, real artist who doesnt try to fit in where he doesnt belong.

    Last…..stop these type of weird articles, its about the feeling in the soul not the technical numbers in albums

  • flavorblade

    Talk about Jay-Z. Drake is riding that illuminati shit hard with the owl thing. In one of his songs he even says he put away the bible because he is on that owl shit. The owl symbolizes the apex demon Morloc aka Mouloc. Openly satanic rappers. WOW. Watch out heavy metal

  • tdot2bk

    DOPE! I liked this even better when The FADER ran it last week. Of course their graphics weren’t nearly as clunky and unprofessional… so kudos for that.

  • ethugg

    this is the worst infographic i have ever seen, content and style-wise.

  • fastflipper

    damn…xxl is full of h*es

    youre all complaining bout this and that

    they all broke and probably never bought a copy of the mag

  • change

    eh whatever, cd still rocks!

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  • CJ

    y’all totally jacked this “by the numbers” thing from TheFader. shame on you XXL