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XXL’s double, year-end December/January 2012 issue features five special covers celebrating the 5 Faces of 50 Cent in honor of the superstar’s fifth album and an EP coming this January.

2012 marks 10 years since Fif took over the mixtape game with the release of 50 Cent is the Future. Over the past decade, the superstar rapper has expanded his brand further than the average hip-hop artist and the different covers honor the five hats 50 juggles: The rapper, the actor, the businessman, the philanthropist and the bad guy, the latter cover which he shares with good friend and current Welterweight Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather.

In the cover story, 50 analyzes the current music climate: “I don’t see what I fell in love with,” he says. “So now I gotta make music that reflects what N.W.A made. I have to make music that has the moments that Nas had. I have to make music that has what Biggie offered.” He also discusses his currently untitled fifth solo album: “For me, I’m still up against what I’ve done,” he says. “So in order to top it, I know it’s a difficult task. You know, I see the bloggers. My audience hasn’t grown with me. They keep saying, “Aw, man, I want the old 50!” ’Cause those people, it would take them on a safari. I was bringing them close enough to the animals, without being able to get hurt. I was taking them into my neighborhood, where you can very well get your ass killed.”

In addition Fif talks Hollywood, feeding kids in Africa through Street King and much more. And 50 and Floyd break down their crew: The Money Team. “The Money Team is money, is power and is respect,” Floyd says. “It’s a lot of us. The team is, The Money Team is worldwide, and it’s growing. It’s growing each day.”

The fully loaded issue also includes stories with Common, Mac Miller and the new-age Bay Area rap scene, which shined bright nationally this year. There’s also a list of the 10 best books written by a rapper, an investigation on the battle between Uncle Sam and hip-hop’s finest, an interview with Drake, a Take Care review and then some.

XXL’s December/January 2012 issue hits newsstands nationwide on December 6. Check out XXLMag.com for extras from the special collector’s issue, including video and outtakes, as well as everyday hip-hop news and much more.—XXL Staff

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    50 washed up..whats xxl thinking..50 always trying to sound articulate, word to 50, saying “ACTUALl” when trying to articulate your point does not make it sound more intelligent…the actual project, the actual concept, the actual genre…loser…planet of the apes lookin fool…RED ALBUM ALL DAY..reall hiphop lives on…

    • JugularKill


      You’re the reason black people dumb their selves down.

      50 Cent is one of the only rappers who can speak to white people without making a fool out of himself.

      Why do we have to dumb ourselves down to be accepted by our own people?

      FUCK YOU…. LAZY BRAIN NIGGA Articulating your words is a good thing you retard.

      YEA @THA TRUTH you hate it when he says “Actual/ Actually” (Which you struggle to spell)

      But you’re likely to be one of them niggaz who say “YA kno wha i’m sayin” every 2 seconds.

      You dumb hoe ass, slave nigga go read a book… or is reading not hood? (I hate these bitch ass dumb & dumber modafukaz like THA TRUTH makes my blood boil)

      • THA TRUTH

        @JugularKill..chill out little boy…look at you tryin to act mature while throwing a tantrum..not my fault mommy didnt hug you enough..btw..I got a college degree fool…im plenty educated hater..my point was that fifty is not educated (he didnt even graduate high school) and thinks by saying certain words he can fool educated people (like myself) to think he is…relax child, go play..You have ussies son..get fifty balls out yo mouth

        • JugularKill

          Look here coon! (if u are black or not)

          50 Cent, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs all didn’t have college degrees (Bill gates got his in 2007 apparently).

          A degree just certifies you to work for another man professionally..A degree doesn’t give you business knowledge not even a business degree.

          Clearly your degree didn’t give you a mind of your own or common sense.

          EVERYONE knows 50 Cent is not an educated man It’s no secret I’m very very sure 50 is aware people know too.

          He didn’t just suddenly start speaking smart, he’s been speaking that way before Aftermath.

          Having a college degree doesn’t make a person articulate or increase their vocabulary..My proof? Bush has a Masters, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a degree, plenty of people who can’t speak properly with degrees.

          You’re still stuck on the plantation fields.

          We need to stop encouraging black people to dumb their self down.. It’s not helping hip hop, or the black community. Because of people like you the next rapper is always more dumber than the last.

          If you see a man “trying” let him try. You laughing because someone is no as “great” as you in one way or another only means you are a bitch.

          Humble your ego

          • THA TRUTH

            @JugularKill….you not getting what im trying to say..you really not..you stated ”We need to stop encouraging black people to dumb their self down”…thats not the case man..im just sayin he not being himself…thats all..he compromising himself and his INTEGRITY by tryin to be someone else..thats all..im feelin this comment though “if you see a man trying let him try”..PEACE MY BROTHA…you talkin bout unity and you dissin me all over..

  • http://Hitemup.com GBtha G

    @tha truth,
    snitch stop hatin but bow down 2 nigga thats greater than u. 50 been doin his thang as a G, blowin’ up bitch niggaz like u. Nice one xxl 4 honoring tha Dude.

  • http://Hitemup.com GBtha G

    GBtha G | November 17, 2011 10:55 am
    @tha truth,
    snitch stop hatin but bow down 2 A NIGGA thats greater than u. 50 been doin his thang as a G, blowin’ up bitch niggaz like u. Nice one xxl 4 honoring tha Dude.

  • twofive

    NICE. fif is right, the hip hop climate now is so watered down. When people like drake can release an album and call that “Hip hop” that shit is WACK, it’s r’n'b. I swear young money killed hip hop with that wack ass shit they calling “hip hop”

    need the return of real hip hop. 50, nas, cube, j cole etc.

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  • DCnativeSON

    i dont agree with “tha truth” but i think 50 tries to hard sometimes just to be accepted by the other crowd. When he first came out he was doing his own thing, now he is going above and beyond to get his brand(sk) out there by acting brand new. I see his hustle but other rappers did the same and didnt sell out.


      @DCnativeSON…respect for understanding what I was trying to say…real recognize real…I agree with what you sayin..50 tryin too hard..he needs to remember that being grimy and hood got him where he at, ever since he turned into a cracker, his annual sallary has dropped significantly..all im sayin, BE YOURSELF 50..make us proud and school everyone that your formula is the winning one

      • jrash87

        look on a world wide perspective with your educated ass man. How in anyway has 50 become a, what you say?, cracka..Business suits dont puta man in a racial class. It puts him an upper class, maybe a better state of mind, which i see this fella trying to acheive. But naw you all want hood, guns, kill.kill.kill. instead of some articulate introspective rhymes that you and your fellas can actally relate to instead of posen in front of the mirror too. In fact i think 50 is the man. no dickrider, or whatever you dumbass snook wanna call it. im just a fan. Even if 50 did put out a real agressive albulm, you all be sayin, THIS IS RECYCLED TRASH. 50 always delivers mad gangster shit on every albulm, its up to you to concentrate on the pop songs.

  • that nigga

    I kinda thought 50 said nas was wack, but “I gotta make music that has the moments that Nas had”? Wow. 50 is his worst enemy, he will never agina reach the success of GRODT. Im so glad Nas has other classic albums after Illmatic, even tho he made some subpar albums after it too.

  • that nigga

    Wait a fucking minute: How does this nigga get 5 covers and he aint even gotta album coming out no time soon. Wow, c’mon XXL, wtf??

  • realhiphopliveson

    the truth is… 50 did blow up quickly.. i think too quickly.. he had 1 solid album, the rest sold off of poppy club hits with a few decent tracks scattered among them. he will never be the same 50 he was when he first came out, he has no edge anymore, for him its all about public image now and branding himself into the next Jay-Z, so no matter how you cut it, you gotta hand the guy some respect, he made it in, and now hes doin it how he wants, cause he can, an nothing anybody says can stop that. i mean.. come on.. the dudes on the forbes list… i cant say i agree with his decisions, but everyone makes their own, and if they do we for the person making them, respect.

    • realhiphopliveson


  • alderman j


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  • http://XXLMAG Sine straight outta South africa

    Damn When is ths album coming out.if he’s matured wats up wit da fleshng of da mney on evry XXL cover

  • canadasmost

    the one with money mayweather is the shit .When is XXL going to bring back the yearly love/hate issue ?

  • naz

    50 cent is praising Nas ? This mean they ended their beef ?

  • edgar

    just cause you go to college or went to college rele doesnt matter the fact that you actually arguing about 50 cent and his lifestyle on a magazine website proves that your uneducated well act like it.
    he does something productive nas reads books to educate himself 50 does the same shit you know his lived that life he cant always talk about shooting people forever and when he does people say his talking about the same shit but when he goes the other root niggas say 50 is sell out lol like make up your mind lol

  • http://brianmorgan brian

    i can not wait to get xxl mag dec and january

  • http://xxlmag.com chi tilla

    tha truth you a bitch and a hater!! dude fif is a living legend!!! you niggas is the reason why hip hop has gone to fag skinny jean wearing and ex-cop rappers!! you niggaz need to check yall gangsta!! i guess you like lil b becuse you are gay

  • http://XXLMAG Sine straight outta South Africa

    Chi Tilla Cosign man….{3S}

  • sock dilla

    i see why i don’t buy xxl magazines anymore; 50 and floyd on the cover? smh

  • http://www.facebook.com Paul G.

    50 is a true legend, next to Eminem 50 is the greatest rapper alive, a real ass nigga street nigga who is a good business man

  • aaron

    Thank you XXL….50 is a great artist that needs to go back to the basics…..i love the covers and will roll with him but he needs dope music…..hire new producers……they are out there…GGGGGGGG-Unit!


    point blank he RICH! STAnk’N RICH! he’s a smart bizznezz man made sumthn outta nuthn HE gon be around alot mo than ur 2days favorite rapper RESPECT IT R CHECK IT

  • franchise

    y is u niggaz out here hating on the nigga is it cuz he is rich or s it cuz he dnt rap abt the sht tht yung money fags rap abt ,.. comon naw without fifty hiphop will be lost the nigga aint had and album out in a long as time n he is still everywhere on all da dam channels .. even on mothafuckin cnn lol.. so give respect where its due u dum fucks..

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  • insanemacbeth

    the cover’s heavy, still!

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  • http://www.mixtaperadio.net/register.php mixtape

    I just like the valuable info you supply in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and test again right here frequently. I’m reasonably certain I’ll be told many new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the next!

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  • want to fight even me

    garbage see me return reply stop frontin shawnlittles@yahoo.com thats me go see andre’ ward that is 146 what

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.littles1 Shawn Littles

    what is pound for pound a myth?