T.I.’s Lyrical Post-Prison Proclamations

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    T.I.'s Post-Prison Proclamations
    Last week was a busy one for T.I. Ready to position himself as one of the best in the game again, the recently released rapper dropped his first post-prison music. In total, there were four songs: his single, “I’m Flexin’,” featuring Big K.R.I.T.; a guest spot on Young Jeezy’s “F.A.M.E.”; a new verse on Future’s “Magic”; and “Spend It,” alongside 2 Chainz. Based on those collaborations, it’s clear that T.I. has his pulse on who’s hot in the South. An examination of his lyrics on the four tracks—a total of six verses—also reveals some trends in Tip’s content. Take a look at what the King wants people to know…
  • t.i. the king
    <strong>He's Still The King...And He Wants His Spot</strong><br />“It’s the King, homie/I’m on one” —“Spend It”<br />“Wanna see me fulla misery, walkin’ wit’ my head down/’Let’s decapitate him, then we’ll see if he can wear his crown!’” —“F.A.M.E.”<br />“My spot on top, bitch I want that/My position vacant, my crown await/My throne is empty, I own that” —“I’m Flexin’”<br />“The A is mine, no questions asked/The King home, bitch the best is back” —“I’m Flexin’”
  • t.i. atlanta
    <strong>He's Still Reppin' The A</strong><br />“Steady reppin’ that One, son/Bankhead” —“Spend It”<br />“Grand Hustle, Zone 1, Bankhead shit right here” —“Magic (Remix)”<br />“I rep the west of that A like this/Zone 1 I'm talkin' bout Bankhead” —“I’m Flexin’”<br />“Folks to Kirkwood and Ben Hill too/Summerhill to Pittsburgh and all that/Real goons will ride with me to Timbuktu/I ain't Gucci dude but you called that/Marietta to East Point/To and own that area/Riverdale to Sandy Hill all day/Decatur to/Simpson Road Zone 4/4th Ward, nigga fuck with me always” —“I’m Flexin’”
  • t.i. prison
    <strong>He Vows Not To Go Back To Jail</strong><br />“Another year in prison, promise this is it for me” —“F.A.M.E.”<br />“Feds want me back behind that wall/It's the only place that I can't go” —“I’m Flexin’”<br />
  • t.i. going back
    <strong>…But He's the Same Ole Tip</strong><br />“I’m goin’ over to pick up some dope from Adamsville” —“Spend It”<br />“Got a bag of pills in my stash spot” —“Spend It”<br />“You the type a nigga just pop up when niggas rollin’ that kush, huh?/Got mine growin’ like grapevines in the backyard, come look, bruh” —“Magic (Remix)”<br />“Hatin’ niggas better watch out/Still ridin’ with that glock out” —“Magic (Remix)”<br />“My speakers loud and my reefer too/I ain't speaking, bitch, do you I know you?” —“I’m Flexin’”
  • t.i. money
    <strong>He’s Still Very, Very Rich</strong><br />“Got a quarter mill in my Louis bag” —“Spend It”<br />“You ain’t talkin’ money, don’t talk to us/I’m steady stackin’ that guac up” —“Magic (Remix)”<br />“My top is down and my pockets fat/And my diamonds clearer than HD” —“I’m Flexin’”
  • t.i. akoo
    <strong>He Rocks a Lot of AKOO and Strivers Row</strong><br />“I got Strivers Row on my denim tag/And AKOO, shit, new kicks” —“Spend It”<br />“I wear Strivers Row with my Louis ho/AKOO be matching my kicks, bitch” —“I’m Flexin’”
  • t.i. business
    <strong>He Wants You To Mind Your Own Business</strong><br />“Stay out of my business/While I’m ridin’ ‘roudn and I’m gettin’ it” —“Spend It”<br />“Get your business right and stay the hell up outta mine” —“F.A.M.E.”
  • t.i. women
    <strong>Ladies Love Tip</strong><br />“Two cute chicks who do tricks” —“Spend It”<br />“Tell her legs ‘Open sesame’/Abracadabra, she wet for me” —“Magic (Remix)”

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  • J

    Is he moving too fast or is this what he needs to do to get back to the top?

  • Sha

    I’m not too impressed… I liked the old T.I…… The one before the brain-fart.

  • matty21

    Got mine growin’ like grapevines in the backyard, come look, bruh