Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Pill & Stalley BET Cypher [Video]

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    these niggs suk, meek rhymed 60k with 60k.really? for a cypher? and how is that something to brag about. wtf is that.
    also, they were finishing each others rhymes, c’mon, i know everyone writes their shit for these cyphers beforehand, but at least they could have made it less obvious.
    iwas expecting more from these niggas with all the shit they talk and all the dickriders they have throwing around their propaganda

    • Hiphophead

      You realize that finishing each other’s rhyme goes back to a more classis hip hop feel. Niggas was doing that shit way back. Beastie Boyz and Run DMC were rhyming whole bars together at some points if not at least finishing each others punch line for emphasis. They’re a rap group as well as individual artists at this point. Shit ain’t been like that since Chain Gang, The Firm, Terror Squad, and the old G-Unit (if you wanna count em, Idc either way honestly for em). Once again you do it for emphasis on a punchline. So stfu and stop whining cuz your ass ain’t on tv…

      • Vomitspit

        @Hiphophead you don’t finish each other bars in a cypher yo. We aint on no fuckin’ video shoot. This real individual bars, so all that hold hands while we finish each others sentences shit is off the map

      • CHOLO

        so if two rappers are battling, and it’s supposed to be a freestyle off the top of the dome, and one cat’s krew right behind him is going along with him word for word it’s OK?
        don’t call it a cypher then, call it a MMG music video, its probably bars form their album that noone heard anyways

        • Hiphophead

          Freestyle is defined in two ways during a cypher. One way is what most cats call off the dome spittin. The other way is a body of writing that does not focus necessarily on one topic, otherwise free verse or freestyle. The second definition is the more traditional definition. We all know no one was completely off the dome and all of these were written, regardless of which cypher you go to. What yall take as a method of dissing ppl in battles when they finish each others bars was a method of emphasis long before it became that. Not that I won’t cosign that Stalley and Pill were the only ones that really had any punchlines or real substance with what they brought. Just saying that the method they brought they verses wasn’t weak (in actuality it was more traditional and I think tradition is good), but the verses themselves were. Not what I would’ve liked to see from Wale or Meek especially. Ross is just kinda there and I can’t say I ever expect him to really spit anything good.

  • Vomitspit

    Word yo, that is the reason why no cypher will top the Yasiin, Black thought, and Shady cypher. Too many young cocky Mcees with no bars, Stalley did his thing though,

  • http://www.xxlmag.com showstop

    Stalley and Pill should’ve did this cypher alone. Everybody else was wackkkkkkk.

  • malcymalc

    stalley is the only dude that really spit on this,pill had some good moments though

  • campbell

    for people wgo sayin this is wack, EAT A DICK.
    if you listen to their music youll get there bars.

    wale killed it