Who woulda thunk it? Jay Electronica has done the impossible. Yes, you heard correct. On the Roc Nation signee’s new track, “Call of Duty,” Elec got Prodigy to utter six words, fans of Mobb Deep never believed they would ever hear: “Put your diamond in the sky.” After Jay-Z lyrically destroyed P on “The Takeover” 10 years ago, no one would have predicted this. Props to J.E for getting the M-O-B-B veteran on the track and props to V.I.P. for being the bigger man. But the Infamous rap great isn’t the only former Jay-Z foe that surprisingly repped the mogul’s signature hand gesture. Take a look at five other unexpected people who threw up the Roc...—Jesse Gissen



Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne and Jay-Z have a long history of exchanging words on wax. While Weezy was the last man to throw shots at the throne, on his track, “It's Good,” off Tha Carter IV, fans can’t forget that the Young Money leader has some of Jigga’s lyrics tatted on his body and has worked with the Brooklyn-bred mogul on several songs in the past.

50 Cent


Like Weezy, 50 Cent and Jay-Z are known to have their differences. Still, that didn’t stop Fif from throwing up the diamond sign, while crashing the stage at the 2007 Screamfest at Madison Square Garden.

Deshauwn Stevenson


Jay spit a couple of harsh lines about DeShawn Stevenson on “Blow the Whistle,” his 2008 freestyle over the Too $hort instrumental, backing his man LeBron James in his beef with the Wizards baller. Yet, Stevenson didn’t seem to mind, as you can see.

Busta Rhymes


Both Busta Rhymes and Sean Paul were rumored to have beef with the Jiggaman. First off, Busta is said to have taken offense to Jay’s line off of “What More Can I Say,” where the rap mogul said “I ain’t animated like say a Busta Rhymes.” This allegedly prompted Bus to record a diss song or so said DJ Kay Slay. Meanwhile, Sean Paul was rumored to have had an fling with Jay’s then girlfriend Beyoncé (they're now married), when they were recording “Baby Boy.”

Aretha Franklin


Soul legend Aretha Franklin had some issues with Beyoncé for calling Tina Turner “the queen” at the 2008 Grammy Awards. Guess she’s cool with Bey’s husband, though.