Five Ways Jeezy Can Prove TM103 Will Drop 12/20


Contrary to popular belief, Young Jeezy's highly anticipated TM103: Hustlerz Ambition will finally see the light of day. Yesterday, the Snowman put the blogosphere on tilt after revealing the release date for his perpetually delayed fourth studio album now slated to drop on December 20. The question on everyone's mind still remains, "Will it really come out this time?" After multiple push backs and panned singles, one could only hope this date will stick. XXLMag.com created a blueprint for Jeezy to follow to prove the skeptics wrong: Five ways Jeezy could prove TM103 will drop on 12/20 as promised.—XXL Staff

Drop Music Video for "F.A.M.E." ft. T.I.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with dropping another visual to get the ball rolling. Despite other videos that were released ("Lose My Mind," "All White Everything," "Ballin") for the album, it's only right to follow up an official release date with an official video.

Release Real Is Back 3 Mixtape

Screen shot 2011-10-19 at 9.55.42 PM

During the multiple push backs, Snow was able to keep the streets ablaze with his DJ Drama-hosted, Real Is Back series. Part 1 and 2 already dropped, but why not release Part 3 just to hold fans over. Some may be tired of mixtapes at this point, but if well-received, Jeezy's new material would convince fans that the album is truly coming.

Fuel Rivalry With Ross


XXL doesn't condone dissing anyone, especially not labelmates, but with God Forgives, I Don't set to release a week before TM103, there's no denying what a reinvigorated feud could do for both Jeezy and Ross's numbers.

Deliver An Official Track Listing


On September 12— with rumors swirling about his album being pushed back again— Jeezy did the unorthodox and took to twitter to twitpic TM103's official track listing just a week before the album's previous release date. Now, with "F.A.M.E." (which wasn't included on the supposed track listing) heating up, revealing the track listing (not a screen shot of computer files) sooner than later wouldn't hurt.

"If TM103 Doesn't Drop On 12/20, I'll Retire"


Pull a 50 Cent and up the ante by announcing: "If TM103 doesn't drop on 12/20, I'll retire." If this doesn't ensure the album will actually come out, nothing else will.